1. Situational Comedy Lineup: Escobar 6, Zobrist 4, Hosmer 3, Morales DH, Moustakas 5, Perez 2, Gordon 7, Rios 9, Orlando 8, Medlen 1. #royals

  2. You might say Kris Medlen is getting little to no help from his defense. #Royals

  3. A shutdown inning for @KrisMedlen54 as he retires the top of the Sox order 1-2-3 in the fifth. #Royals lead 6-2 after 5!

  4. "Medlen and Young should be in the post-season rotation, and Johnny Cueto should be in the pen." -someone on Facebook, probably.

  5. Luke Hochevar on to pitch the 7th. Final line for @KrisMedlen54: 6.0 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 3 BB, 4 K. He threw 100 pitches. #Royals

  6. After a shaky third inning, @KrisMedlen54 retired the final 10 hitters he faced for his fourth quality start of the year. #Royals

  7. FINAL: the @Royals defeat the White Sox 6-4 Kris Medlen: 6IP 4H 2R 1ER 3BB 4K Mike Moustakas: 2-5 2RBI http://t.co/zlcoQrhix6

  8. Johnny Gomes and @Mooose_8 combine for 5 RBI, while @KrisMedlen54 improves to 6-2 with 6.0 strong innings. #ForeverRoyal

  9. Yost talks Medlen's start, being extra careful with Salvy and Morales. Herrera's fancy play? Seen it. #ForeverRoyal https://t.co/KaP2437PC6

  10. Kris Medlen brought his “A” game tonight. http://t.co/4gErMtphfw #ForeverRoyal http://t.co/jnrtgoLGQn

  11. So I guess Medlen in the post-season rotation, huh?

  12. Six innings of one-run ball. Who pitches Game 4? RT for Chris Young, fave for Kris Medlen.

  13. "MEDLEN AND YOUNG, PUT CUETO IN THE BULLPEN" - Royals Facebook https://t.co/F3e4GoLKNH

  14. Comes down to him or Kris Medlen. Close race. https://t.co/Oneetxqqqs

  15. As expected. Still a decision on Game 4 - Medlen or Young? https://t.co/q7gxA5jzXQ

  16. The fact Ned didn't juggle rotation to put Young at home suggests that Medlen would start Game Four. Don't want Young pitching in HOU/NYY.

  17. If there is a Game 4, don't be shocked if #Royals come back with Ventura over Medlen or Young.

  18. #Royals announce roster for ALDS vs. Houston. P: Cueto, Davis, Duffy, Herrera, Hochevar, Madson, Medlen, Morales, Ventura, Volquez, Young.

  19. As expected, #Royals will carry 11 pitchers on roster. Young and Medlen make it.

  20. 11 pitchers on the Royals ALDS roster, including Young and Medlen. No Guthrie.

  21. Depending on how long this rain falls, you may see Kris Medlen or Chris Young tonight.

  22. Medlen or Duffy, you figure. https://t.co/yiEeekVmZc

  23. #Royals announce roster for ALCS - Pitchers: Cueto, Davis, Duffy, Herrera, Hochevar, Madson, Medlen, Morales, Ventura, Volquez, Young

  24. #Royals Kansas City Royals Should Start Kris Medlen in Game Four: Right now, the Kansas City Royals have a 2-0... http://t.co/w5ZFJgDpoL

  25. To those asking: Kris Medlen has not thrown a baseball in a game in 17 days, and Chris Young has been a better pitcher this season.

  26. With Medlen, there's an unpredictability based on his recent rust and the general inconsistency pitchers experience coming back from TJ.

  27. #BlueJays B3 (cont) Martin scores on Pillar RBI-2B; RHP Kris Medlen for Johnny Cueto; Goins due; 7-2 TOR; #MLB #Royals #ALCS

  28. Medlen comes on to pitch in the 3rd. #Royals trail 7-2.

  29. Kris Medlen in for the Royals.

  30. Now they're chanting Kris Medlen's name. Give these folks credit. Beware all pitchers with two-syllable names.

  31. These fans are a delight. "We want Cueto!" they chant after Medlen gets an out.

  32. Medlen tosses a scoreless 4th, & the #Royals look to chop away the 7-run deficit.

  33. Medlen fires his 5th inning in relief, a perfect 7th. #Royals come to bat in the 8th. https://t.co/w5PLBUJmqS

  34. Yost on Medlen's 5IP protecting #Royals' big bullpen arms: "Now we've got 2 more games here, we can go ahead & pour the coals on them."

  35. Royals starter Chris Young makes it through 4 innings with a 5-2 lead. It might not be long before Kris Medlen's... https://t.co/HVebZCDCjE

  36. A late-night, extra-inning duel between Bartolo Colon and Kris Medlen would be a good time.

  37. Chris Young is warming up in bullpen for #Royals. (Unless Kris Medlen grew a foot overnight). KC's Game 4 starter.

  38. Chris Young in relief over Kris Medlen is a curious decision.