1. Cam Newton, Panthers handling the notoriety: https://t.co/7wCHg6Wz9D Why Kony Ealy is more motivated than ever: https://t.co/s6OdRbkrWY

  2. Delaire replaced Ealy. Fresh legs.

  3. Ealy with a strip-sack for the second game in a row. Rodgers recovers. Packers to punt.

  4. Ealy again hits Rodgers.

  5. Ealy a terror of the edge. He gets to Rodgers to force an incompletion.

  6. Carolina is challenging the ruling of incomplete pass, arguing Ealy forced fumble.

  7. Bulaga holding on Ealy, looks like.

  8. Kony Ealy gets a great jump, tosses Bulaga aside and forces a throwaway https://t.co/tKvBrIwm8D

  9. Rivera talks about keeping undefeated team focused, Kony Ealy's productive outing and updates on Kuechly and Kalil: https://t.co/9jzV4oieym

  10. RR on Ealy: “I think he came in a little overconfident (as a rookie) … now he’s showing more maturity.”

  11. Notes on Kony Ealy's rise, Ron Rivera's new practice schedule, Luke Kuechly's ankle: https://t.co/aKkFXJpoDn

  12. Been a process for Ealy but it's starting to click for him. https://t.co/c5dxG8NJ5t

  13. 2 sacks & 6 QB pressures in the last two games. Kony is heating up!  #Panthers Notebook: https://t.co/nWKmvqHLGw https://t.co/bpdRl5d9je

  14. Ealy PBU. Second-and-10.

  15. Another strip sack by Ealy. Panthers ball

  16. Kony Ealy’s fourth straight game with a sack. Third out of four it’s a strip sack.

  17. Ealy strip-sacks Cousins and recovers it himself. He's fired up and rightfully so. What a play. Fought off a holding call on Moses too.

  18. That's four straight games with a sack for Kony Ealy. And in fact that's a strip sack. Panthers ball

  19. Kony Ealy with his fourth sack in the last four games. Strip sack. Panthers have the ball again with 1:54 left in the first half.

  20. Panthers DE Kony Ealy strip sack. He now has a sack in 4 consecutive games. #bluegoosepassrusher

  21. I see a lot of Kony Ealy in Shaq Lawson—and that's a good thing. I loved Kony at Missouri.

  22. Kony Ealy only gets sacks in bunches.

  23. Kony Ealy sack https://t.co/DXXRY32F6j

  24. Kony Ealy with the sack. Defense getting it done in second half.

  25. Mariota sacked by Kony Ealy. 2nd and 17

  26. Kony Ealy sacks Mariota on first down. Loss of 7 yards.

  27. Kony Ealy gets sack for third week in a row. First one today on Mariota.

  28. I dont wanna have to say "I told you so"... Buuuut, I TOLD YOU SO!!! Kony Ealy has been a HUGE piece to our Defensive Line this season, after taking it upon himself to perform the "dirty work" the first 6 games of the season so that players like Kawann Short cant get the stats, these last 2 games he has been absolutely DISRUPTIVE in the pocket! If i recall correctly there was a point in training camp where everybody was doubting his ability to fill the shoes of Greg Hardy, and fans and even coaches doubted be could handle it!! He quickly shut them up and marked his territory! Ive believed in him since the day we drafted him and will continue to believe in his power to anchor our D-Line all the way to the superbowl!! If your seeing this, keep up the awesome work bro!! Youve got Panthersnation101 on your side! Keep grindin! Stay hungry! And most importantly, no matter what the circumstance, up by 28, down by 28, rain or shine, no matter what.... KEEP POUNDING!!! Welcome to #KonyIsland

  29. When Charles Johnson returns, will #Panthers sit Kony Ealy or Jared Allen? https://t.co/NZ8C1lHM4k

  30. Kony Ealy started his career overconfident and was cut to size. Now he's playing the best ball of his career https://t.co/DXXRY32F6j

  31. Panthers DE Kony Ealy goes from French pastry to proving worthy of draft grade. @jjones9: https://t.co/qhImHDmcQR https://t.co/OgpKTRSEdU

  32. Sports front: Expansion finally pays off for ACC hoops; Panthers' Kony Ealy overcomes rough start. @APSE_sportmedia https://t.co/nX6APHbUba

  33. After a rough start to his career, Panthers DE Kony Ealy coming off 2 of his best games https://t.co/DXXRY32F6j

  34. Carolina Panthers DE Kony Ealy overcoming rough NFL start. @jjones9 story: https://t.co/qhImHDDNIp https://t.co/zEcfluuj63

  35. Kony Ealy on Mizzou situation: "It shows the character, and the family atmosphere at that place. It's not just all about football."

  36. Bryan Bulaga gave up at least three hurries/hits to Kony Ealy in pass rushing situations. One of Ealy's best games rushing the passer, imo