1. 2:00 left, CIN 2nd & 10 at own 18 after imm tackle by K.J. Wright. CIN out of time outs, down 24-21. #Seahawks

  2. K.J. Wright has been a monster today.

  3. K.J. Wright with a nice stop on Bernard on second down. Third down coming up. #Seahawks have struggled here today. #SEAvsCIN

  4. K.J. Wright blitz ruins CIN pass play, Bruce Irvin knocks Andy Dalton's helmet off after scramble. 3rd and 9 for CIN. #Seahawks

  5. K.J. Wright second. ... https://t.co/6lAmLSzOlX

  6. K.J. Wright has been sent photos of his play on DET fumble--with him dressed as Batman. http://t.co/NMUkJnLOB7 #Seahawks @ManyHatsMilles

  7. Richard Sherman thinks back judge made determination K.J. Wright could have easily carried DET fumble out of end zone but batted instead

  8. #Cardinals HC Bruce Arians wants full-time officials, knew #Seahawks LB K.J. Wright batting ball OOB was illegal: http://t.co/YZF7kGQQpE

  9. Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor,Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright #kamchancellor #russellwilson #kjwright #bobbywagner #seattle #seahawks #nfl #football #12thman

  10. Hard to tell? Pshaw. Back judge was staring a hole through K.J. Wright and swallowed his flag. https://t.co/97oywJm5Iy

  11. K.J. Wright said he didn't know the rule. https://t.co/gURld0fsaV

  12. "I didn't know that rule either." Carroll says he would have done same thing as K.J. Wright. http://t.co/vizqVmX11H

  13. K.J. Wright said he didn't know the rule. https://t.co/2u7jlku3ro

  14. K.J. Wright admits to illegal bat, says he didn't know rule http://t.co/go7eLCFMmd

  15. NFL admits it erred not calling penalty on K.J. Wright for batting ball on decisive fumble of #Seahawks win over DET http://t.co/WkKBk2BU9K

  16. Seahawks' LB K.J. Wright didn't know rule, admitted to intentionally batting fumble http://t.co/asEu33nECh http://t.co/mbheohHESb

  17. Last half on K.J. Wright not realizing side official signaled touchback while holding flag in his hand. #Seahawks http://t.co/8lWelsVsQ4

  18. K.J. Wright left no doubt about his intention on fumble. "I wanted to just knock it out of bounds and not try to catch it and fumble it."

  19. K.J. Wright: "I didn't know that rule at all" http://t.co/wCTsvq0cTP

  20. K.J. Wright admitted to intentionally batting the ball: "I wanted to just knock it out of bounds and not try to catch it and fumble it."

  21. #Seahawks K.J. Wright seconds after Pete Carroll coached him on end-zone fumble: "I have to pick it up" http://t.co/OBcXC756FS

  22. Dean Blandino: K.J. Wright committed 'foul for an illegal bat' in Seahawks' win over Lions http://t.co/9w8lLFIjgz http://t.co/Qdc3XHaB5H