1. Hoiberg said Rose will not play vs Suns; Hinrich to start. "Really sore, still," says Hoiberg of Rose ankle. "We'll take a look tomorrow."

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  3. Highkin: Bulls' Ceiling Is Unknown, but They're Confident

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  6. Hinrich with a classy floater for a score looking like Magic; behind the back t/o on the run turning into J.R. Smith; 55-53 Bulls

  7. Hinrich doubles on help and forces t/o; he does it all!

  8. Save for that ill-advised behind-the-back pass, Hinrich has played lights out thus far.

  9. Hinrich Sits vs. Magic Due to Sore Toe

  10. Hinrich out vs. Magic with sore toe.

  11. 'Old Guy' Kirk Hinrich Still Launching Jumpers

  12. Hinrich with a pair of jumpers leads to Suns t/o; 64-57 Bulls; Hinrich 5-6; Steph Curry says you can't stop that guy

  13. Without Rose, Bulls starting guards Hinrich & Butler (25 pts, 7 ast) are hanging w/ Bledsoe & Knight (28 pts, 7 ast). CHI 64-57 #SunsVsBulls

  14. Hoiberg was asked if Hinrich is on a minutes limit and didn't really answer. He's near 20 and has been out awhile.

  15. Brooks looks like he pulled that hammy again. As if they need another PG out. Hinrich or Moore likely to finish. Bulls, 89-88

  16. We asked pregame. Hoiberg talked around it. Hinrich coming in for Brooks. Hasn't played since midway thru 3rd. https://t.co/qUuoqeJbJM

  17. Just the lineup you expected to see to finish a close game: Butler, Gibson, Gasol, Hinrich, McDermott

  18. Big-time shot from Hinrich.

  19. Hinrich comes off the bench and drains a 3⃣! 14 points on 6-7 shooting for Captain Kirk.

  20. Hinrich feeling it; hasn't played in about 40 minutes and immediately shoots a three; makes it; 92-88 Bulls

  21. 24 ft out, all-time leader in 3-pt FG in @ChicagoBulls history; Kirk Hinrich. #CHIatPHX on ESPN #NBARapidReplay https://t.co/cu06yPCgGI

  22. Big-time road victory by the Bulls without Rose. 103-97. Butler with 32, 14 in the 4th. Hinrich with 14 points, 5 assists.

  23. Hinrich: "Getting the first game on a long trip is always huge."

  24. kirk hinrich has the highest PER on the bulls rn

  25. Hoiberg on Hinrich: "He did a great job getting us into an offense & our defense organized. He''s as good as anybody on our roster at that."

  26. On Jimmy Butler, Kirk Hinrich and the Warriors: https://t.co/V26ynv7OSr

  27. Hinrich on Curry: "It's fun to watch him. It's almost impossible to guard him."

  28. Up at BaB - Will it just be Kirk Hinrich at PG against the Warriors Friday? https://t.co/u77VhbD4Qb https://t.co/Hul5n2q0Ex

  29. Kirk Hinrich on Steph Curry today after practice. "The way he's playing right now, the way he's going, he's just out of his mind."

  30. With Brooks/Rose out, Hoiberg asked if Hinrich still on minutes limit. Said fine going over it "by a few" in PHX and will be careful vs. GSW

  31. GSW vs CHI starters: GSW -- Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green, Bogut; CHI -- Hinrich, Butler, Snell, Mirotic, Gasol. Out: Rose/Brooks/Dunleavy.

  32. Hinrich on Curry, Butler on Green, Snell on Klay.

  33. Hinrich on Curry. Butler on Green to start.

  34. Oh no Hinrich is guarding Curry?

  35. Man, Steph gets that shot off way too easy on Hinrich. Could be a long, long night

  36. The Kirk Hinrich game?

  37. Kirk Hinrich has 9 points already. Yep.

  38. Kirk Hinrich is bringing the ! 9 points and 2 steals...in half a quarter.

  39. Hinrich surges into league MVP lead outscoring Curry 9-5. 21-12 Bulls.

  40. And if apple would stop correcting “Hinrich” into “Hinirch” we can get on with this game

  41. Moore in for Hinrich, who has 9 points and 2 steals in first 6:27.

  42. Hinrich goes out for a cryogenic treatment.

  43. Hinrich disrupted the passing lane, Butler dimed him for 2 for @chicagobulls on ESPN! #NBARapidReplay #CHIatGSW https://t.co/sF1qslh3jr

  44. Bulls 11-point lead down to 29-28 after 1st quarter. Butler 10 points, Hinrich 9. Curry 8 for Ws.

  45. #Bulls lead the Warriors after a fast-paced 1st quarter. Butler: 10pts/4ast Hinrich: 9pts/2st https://t.co/2HAixORa3Q

  46. Hinrich, Doug, Niko, Taj, Moore -- in the fourth quarter -- against the Warriors. Wow. Never thought I would see the day.