1. Why WWE's New Era Will Elevate Secondary Championship Belts

    WWE 's new era has been the topic of conversation among fans for nearly a month now. Shane McMahon's rise to power on Monday Night Raw has coincided with the influx of NXT talent, and that has made for some exciting weeks indeed...

    Tom Clark Written by Tom Clark about 4 months ago 25,333 reads 72 comments

  2. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn: WWE Payback Preview and Pick

    Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are finally going to war. The former best friends are now getting a chance to settle their differences at WWE Payback , and for many fans, it's been a long time coming...

    Tom Clark Written by Tom Clark about 4 months ago 1,978 reads 4 comments

  3. WWE WrestleMania 2016: Predicting Most Likely Swerves at Marquee PPV

    We are just a little over one week away from WWE WrestleMania 2016, and rumors are running rampant among fans in regards to what we will see transpire on April 3 in Arlington,Texas...

    Graham GSM Matthews Written by Graham GSM Matthews about 5 months ago 56,747 reads 60 comments

  4. Sami Zayn's Best Route to WWE Main Roster Success Runs Through Kevin Owens

    Sami Zayn made his surprising return to Monday Night Raw on March 7. The former NXT champion saved Neville from a post-match attack at the hands of Kevin Owens, which sparked a brawl in the ring...

    Tom Clark Written by Tom Clark about 6 months ago 11,937 reads 29 comments

  5. Kevin Owens' Best Feuds and Predictions Heading into WWE WrestleMania 32

    At this point in time, Kevin Owens is unquestionably one of the top prospects on the WWE roster. He's incredibly versatile between the ropes, he's one of the best in the company ...

    Brad Jones Written by Brad Jones about 6 months ago 5,083 reads 24 comments

  6. Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens Is WWE's Alternative to Prototypical Superstar Feud

    Dean Ambrose is not the typical WWE Superstar. He's not tall, he's not ripped and he's not teeming with overconfidence. Kevin Owens is also not the typical WWE guy and looks more like a nightclub bouncer than he does a pro wrestler...

    Tom Clark Written by Tom Clark about 8 months ago 9,385 reads 47 comments

  7. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro Feud Deserves Best of Five Series Stipulation

    Kevin Owens has had an interesting past few months as a member of the WWE main roster, going from a headlining feud against John Cena to receiving minimal mic time on Raw...

    Graham GSM Matthews Written by Graham GSM Matthews about 12 months ago 16,899 reads 100 comments

  8. Kevin Owens' Road to the Top Must Be a Slow and Steady Process

    Kevin Owens has emerged as one of WWE 's best all-around performers. The former NXT champion has become a regular featured talent on WWE 's main programming, and every week he continues to impress both in the ring and on the mic..

    Tom Clark Written by Tom Clark about 12 months ago 15,534 reads 61 comments