What If WG Grace Played Today?

By Rick James (Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

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    Imagining KP's Route Back to England

    by Alex Telfer

    Since Kevin Pietersen 's bombastic book was released, numerous members of the cricketing fraternity, including Nasser Hussain and Jimmy Anderson , have said there is no way back for the enig... Read More »

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    Cricket Bios You Must Read

    by Chris Bradshaw

    With its allegations of bullying and character assassinations of former teammates, Kevin Pietersen 's autobiography is the must-read cricket book of the year... Read More »

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    Cook Shouldn't React to KP's Book

    by Tim Collins

    So, here we are, just one day after the launch of Kevin Pietersen 's book KP: The Autobiography in a week that began with his explosive interview with Paul Hayward of The Telegraph ... Read More »

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    Cricket Bios That Must Be Written

    by Rick James

    As the fallout from the imminent publication of Kevin Pietersen 's autobiography continues with the lid of the England dressing room in recent years well and truly lifted, what other ... Read More »

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    Pietersen's Exit Revealed in Dossier

    by Gianni Verschueren

    In the same week that Kevin Pietersen 's autobiography is being published, ESPNcricinfo has obtained a five-page document that the website's David Hopps claims "played a central role in the ECB in... Read More »