1. Tim Couch Talks About Recruiting in the Stoops Era

    Former Kentucky quarterback great Tim Couch was at Monday morning's practice and stuck around to talk about Patrick Towles, who was named the Wildcats' starting quarterback earlier in the day...

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  2. Tight Ends Get 'Hardest Spot' in Kentucky Football's Offense

    So much has been made of quarterback Patrick Towles going out and getting extra help in the offseason to fix a dip in his throwing motion and improve his ability to run the offense...

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  3. Stoops Not Ready to Talk About Redshirting Drew Barker Yet

    Mark Stoops just met with the media, and said that he's not ready to name a backup quarterback, joking with reporters to “give me at least a day.”.....

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  4. Kentucky Names Starting QB

    Following up a strong performance in the spring game, quarterback Patrick Towles continued to make a statement in fall camp .....

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  5. Mark Stoops Names Sophomore Patrick Towles Starting QB

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  6. Matt Elam has impressed coaches and does like "being in the spotlight"

    Neither Kentucky coach Mark Stoops nor defensive coordinator D.J. Eliot are prone to be overly complimentary of players, especially incoming freshmen in the preseason...

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