1. Super excited to announce that I have made @recovery_water my first choice for hydration!! Special… https://t.co/8gdGVpNvFa

  2. The grind begins... #TrueToAtlanta #IWILL #LegionOfBaze https://t.co/kn2s9U3x7o

  3. #VITY is where it's at! Check out the #VITYexperience on http://t.co/QrWP8ZxVQW! Go now!

  4. President Bogut https://t.co/LBhyOnqhx1

  5. Shoutout to the good folks over at 360 Fitness Performance and my guy @nj360fitness for letting… https://t.co/SugbRSrF2D

  6. Forgot to hashtag brainstorming in my last tweet.. lol

  7. No coincidence that this rain has come from the @PlywoodPeople event! #Brilliance #BetterIsPossible #Thinkers

  8. Getting chills over here! #GoHawks

  9. Powerful powerful POWERFUL...! @PlywoodPeople #betterispossible

  10. Grateful to be sitting in a room full of some of the brightest minds in the land! #BetterIsPossible… https://t.co/RXjbFqUNyu

  11. On my way to play my second round in three days of golf at the Heritage Club in Mason, OH. #SuperFastGreens ⛳️@HeritageUpdate

  12. Love you guys!!  https://t.co/mgcNRwqQFx

  13. In Springboro, OH to support my guy @cfmg_callahan and the Callahan Fin. Group at their annual golf tournament! #BestBall @SycamoreCreekCC

  14. Lol GOAT https://t.co/jCqiUBaKGB

  15. Look at these VPS 303 wheels ❤️❤️ https://t.co/skKrlEQhje

  16. If you're a size 14 or just love sneakers meet me in Atlantic Station at the atlhawks truck LIKE… https://t.co/Afsv2MwHQb

  17. Can I get a window seat..? #NewAmerykahPt2

  18. Trying to relocate in Atlanta on Sunday, need a moving company. Any suggestions Atlanta? #AskAtlanta

  19. Jordan vs Rory 

  20. I've always gave professionals from other walks of life the utmost respect, but this is on another… https://t.co/t3wRcmyDDT