1. Saints News, 11/26/15: Kenny Vaccaro 'Sick' over Rob Ryan Firing https://t.co/aN9kxAeRRY https://t.co/05AeQNGpOB

  2. #Saints' Kenny Vaccaro felt 'sick' over Rob Ryan firing: 'We let him down' https://t.co/1TKqWexatQ

  3. Today's #Saints player interviews: Brees, Strief, Vaccaro & Breaux (videos) https://t.co/Ik3ByueMic https://t.co/qyW2DoF7Yk

  4. Saints Kenny Vaccaro on Rob Ryan: "I love him, man. I felt kind of sick when he left... I feel like we let him down. https://t.co/PZrtbgRlHJ

  5. Kenny Vaccaro on Rob Ryan: I loved him as a coach, I love him as a friend. I felt kind of sick when he left. I feel like it was our fault.

  6. #Saints S Kenny Vaccaro: "If we're gonna go where we're gonna go, it's going to be on the defense." Said he feels.. https://t.co/XLd4EGRL7H

  7. Kenny Vaccaro makes a play on the short throw, refs pick up the flag. Excellent job closing by Vaccaro.

  8. Postgame locker room interviews: Brees, Cooks, Breaux, Jordan, Peat & Vaccaro http://t.co/nGCEH0XH6l #Saints http://t.co/UUWGbLKepQ

  9. Postgame locker room interviews: Brees, Cooks, Breaux, Jordan, Peat & Vaccaro http://t.co/nGCEH0XH6l #Saints http://t.co/0VCj4RqECh

  10. Liked this sequence by Kenny Vaccaro. Jams Matthews out, comes over and puts a hard tackle on Agholor. http://t.co/L99mLCvLBr

  11. I think this is the third time TONIGHT that Saints have run into each other. Plus Byrd took out Vaccaro last week.

  12. If Ellerbe keeps playing like this … having him and Vaccaro flying around in the box … gonna be something.

  13. Funny thing—Byrd and Vaccaro were both amazed at the traffic after the LSU game. I don't think they are alone.

  14. Good point by Vaccaro here. If he's a good athlete, just call him a good athlete. https://t.co/MG1JZ5EhTv

  15. *Saints lined up in a 3-4 on that snap, Vaccaro as extra linebacker, and then blitzed a corner off the edge.

  16. Vaccaro in on the blitz. Sacks Luck. Saints are dominating today.

  17. SACKED! @KennyVaccaro4 takes down Luck for a 15-yd loss

  18. Vaccaro sacks Luck for a loss of 15. Saints defense continues to come up big

  19. Vaccaro tried the blitz up the gut earlier in the game. Couldn't get to Luck. Timed it right this time.

  20. That @KennyVaccaro4 sack was the 4th sack of the day for the #Saints

  21. Vaccaro has been exceptional at and around the line of scrimmage this season.

  22. Well Vaccaro with the hold.

  23. Vaccaro left for one play. Back on the field.

  24. #Saints Vaccaro came right back in and helped break up third-down pass. #Giants going for it on fourth.

  25. Locker room interviews: Lewis, Snead, Vaccaro, Hawthorne, Hightower, Watson & Mohamed https://t.co/tudZAjf6Pf https://t.co/29sGtmMFRi

  26. Vaccaro with the tackle on third down to hold Titans to a FG try.

  27. Snead was the deep back on the kneel down. Usually that's Vaccaro. So something could be up with Vaccaro. https://t.co/Nwj6g94CbD

  28. Saints penalty leaders 06-J. Brown 7 07-Brown 11 08-Brown 10 09-M.Jenkins 6 10-J.Evans 12 11-Harper 8 12-PRob 11 13-C.Brown 12 14-Vaccaro 10

  29. Vaccaro on Ryan: I like Rob. I mean, hes not calling stuff that cant stop the screen. Thats on us, that has nothing to do w/ any call he had

  30. Vaccaro: "I just want to win. Whatever coach Payton and Mickey decide to do. I just want to be in a position to win and have fun."

  31. Postgame locker room interviews: Brees, Lewis, Watson, Vaccaro and Evans https://t.co/IdZ7pDpini #Saints https://t.co/EFVMa7WuHf

  32. Breaux blocked, Vaccaro blocked, Anthony blocked. Jones is gone. Ridiculous

  33. Kenny Vaccaro somehow dodges this block to force a fumble. https://t.co/KbrT1fg4Gy

  34. Kenny Vaccaro with the big third-down stop. Saints 21, Titans 20.

  35. That’s a great read by Kenny Vaccaro. Nice tackle, big stop. 29-yard FG is good. Saints still lead, but now by just 1, 21-20.

  36. Kenny Vaccaro just made a great tackle to force fourth down. Titans never had a chance on that play.

  37. Fumble caused by @D_Hawthorne57 while @KennyVaccaro4 held up the runner, recovered by Obum Gwacham. Halftime, @Saints lead 21-17