1. NFC East doing work today!

  2. Ousted Tops MLS Playoff Player Rankings

  3. All 34 Goals from #DecisionDay

  4. Happy thanksgiving to family,friends and teammates across the border! #Bethankful 

  5. Welcome to Ivory Coast @africaceoforum #ci225 #ACF2016 #CEO https://t.co/yUDGvAYepm

  6. Today was a good day!!!! Thank you all for coming and thanks for the support Merci à tous d'être venus et merci pour le soutien #commitment #signingday #autobiography #jubileeplace #canarywharf #waterstones

  7. Today was a good day!!!! Thank you all for coming and thanks for the support Merci à tous d'être… https://t.co/S0lr5AfrOm

  8. When someone tells me "no," it doesn't mean I can't do it, it simply means I can't do it with them. Karen E. Quinones Miller

  9. On my way to sign some of my #comittment autobiography plus some interviews about the book. Can't wait to meet my readers!!! #comittment #book #waterstones #canarywharf #jubileeplace

  10. On my way to sign some of my #comittment autobiography plus some interviews about the book. Can't… https://t.co/ZjOyl4O7Xf

  11. The emotions were strong that night. Seems like it was yesterday. ❤️⚽️ #imfcfamily https://t.co/GRZvL1yvGc

  12. Such pleasure to watch! #Barça.Somebody stop those 3 amigos! #NeyrmarSuarezMessi ✨ #FCBvRoma 5-0

  13. Thank you for the consideration and recognition of the work my team and I are doing for our continent #raisingAfrica https://t.co/mqUbpm6DKw

  14. The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Malcolm Forbes

  15. Columbus v Dallas final would be fun soccer .. not ideal for TV ratings tho

  16. Not only does Columbus win, but they win playing good soccer

  17. Wish we were playing today!! Good luck to all. #mlsplayoffs #conferencefinals #BackToTheFuture https://t.co/8MDsVcCneS

  18. Barça Players pushing forward to Try to stamp " Manita"  4-0 #BarcavsRealMadrid #elclasico

  19. Just in case a 5 a side breaks out at Chipotle... https://t.co/sVxuwwXmq0

  20. Yes @bestoffootball good times indeed!!! @leomessi @kaka @fernandotorres @thierryhenry @pepsi

  21. "Yea, we're laughing and drinking. Nothing feels better than blood on blood." Wise words from the Boss. https://t.co/pv6pZDWAuI

  22. How do you like it bro @salomonkalou ?? Thanks for the support #commitment is out Qu'est-ce que t'en penses mon gars @salomonkalou ??? Merci pour le soutien #commitment est dans les bacs

  23. My brothers 2nd podcast is now out. Great show that talks all things football/soccer. Please give it a listen https://t.co/HcNgpObkeQ

  24. See you all there for some signing copies of my autobiography. https://t.co/6U1RAS2w5L

  25. London see you very soon for the signing copies of my autobiography "commitment " #commitment #newbook #autobiography

  26. Des Airs de Mario Lemieux. Malkin uses sensational deke to score highlight-reel goal https://t.co/hiGcCrrqni via YouTube

  27. Atiba is in a class of his own. Premier midfielder in CONCACAF #CanMNT #slvcan #WCQ2018

  28. The field in SLV looks just the same as a year ago in Champions league #CONCACAF... Long and sticky!!! #CanMNT

  29. Congrats to my first roommate, at 1st call up, Julian DeGuzman for record breaking 85th cap. #cannnt #ForeverLegend

  30. Great opportunity for #CanMNT to take a big step in group A tonight. El Salvador- Canada 20h30 #allezlesRouges #CanadaRED

  31. Michael Jackson - Heal The World #PrayForTheWorld https://t.co/LcoRBM2ZCJ

  32. Time for dancing with the Stars. Got to catch up. #DWTS ✨

  33. The Bundesliga business model: An analysis of its success and how other leagues can take lessons | Liam Smith Law https://t.co/bNo9UvQDsG

  34. Chicken parm it tastes so good. @CMallace10 https://t.co/nE126JtC8G

  35. Keeping in shape with other sports/ Garde la forme en pratiquant d'autres sports. #offseason… https://t.co/VrQ42P1gek

  36. Last minute of #DETvsGB is exciting! #FantasyFootball #NFLGameDay

  37. Cousin Nick's wedding! #EatDrinkAndBeMayer https://t.co/ajpmQZPWJM

  38. I can now put the nightmare to rest. Canada beats Honduras 1-0. Way to go #Reds  #CanadaRED

  39. Great show of solidarity by #canmnt. Committed, tactically in place and confident. #CANvHON #WCQ2018

  40. Stoked for Mauro and the future he brings to the club! ⚽️

  41. Gonna miss this guy a lot. Wishing you nothing but the best moving forward. I am honored to call you… https://t.co/gKnBAJv3Pq