1. DNP today: Dion Bailey, Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold, Kellen Davis (personal issue). Brandon Marshall was limited. Richardson was full.

  2. Revis, Mangold and Kellen Davis did not practice #nyj

  3. Dion Bailey, Revis, Mangold, Kellen Davis did not practice.

  4. Kellen Davis has a personal issue.

  5. Jets tight ends Kellen Davis and Jeff Cumberland have a job to do — but few passes to catch. http://t.co/5SkyCmliG4 http://t.co/wZu4UegI8I

  6. Looks like Kellen Davis, Ronald Martin, and Bilal Powell were juked by Darren Sproles on that punt return touchdown. Eagles up 10-0.

  7. Missed tackles by Kellen Davis, Bilal Powell and Tanner Purdum on Sproles 89-yard punt return. Eagles 10, Jets 0. #NYJ

  8. Jets waive seventh-round pick Deon Simon, a DL. Making room for a tight end with Kellen Davis their only healthy option?

  9. Cumberland won't play this week, going through concussion protocol. Saxton joins Kellen Davis for SUN. https://t.co/6IFZzPS7B6

  10. Kellen Davis in starting lineup. Wes Saxton active. https://t.co/iuT98RFXLH

  11. Kellen Davis getting all the reps at TE. #nyj

  12. Gailey re-visits the Kellen Davis pass: He said that was their "favorite" red-zone play based on game plan and practice week. #nyj

  13. In target-practice drill, Fitzpatrick just nailed three in a row from about 15 yards. Needed that when he was throwing to Kellen Davis.

  14. Bowles: There was a 'mix-up' on fourth-down miscue involving Kellen Davis | https://t.co/GPNwmmYyC9 #jets https://t.co/QQffp0gCIz

  15. Q: Why go to Kellen Davis? Bowles: “There was more involved than that. It wasn’t just a play to Kellen Davis...there was a mix-up there.”

  16. Bowles on Kellen Davis play: "I’m not going to sit here + throw anybody under the bus. But we understand exactly what went wrong..." #jets

  17. Todd Bowles said botched throw to Kellen Davis in end zone was discussed "internally." Bowles declines to elaborate publicly.

  18. Bowles on the 4th Down Pass: It wasn't just a play to Kellen Davis. There was a mix-up there.

  19. In 8 seasons, Kellen Davis has scored only 6 x on passes inside 8. Jets picked a curious time to try to make it 7. https://t.co/iu8LV5M8F8

  20. Ryan Fitzpatrick says he made the right read on the fourth down incompletion to Kellen Davis in the end zone https://t.co/9ugg10bUDL

  21. Q: Did you ever see the ball? Kellen Davis: "No. I didn't see the ball until it was already passed me." #jets

  22. #Jets TE Kellen Davis on the EZ incompletion... https://t.co/Qr3g7BX4pF

  23. Jets TE Kellen Davis says he never saw the last pass. Got jammed at line, bumped into Eric Decker and gut re-routed. #NYJ

  24. Bowles said there was a mixup on the route to Kellen Davis.

  25. Still trying to figure out what Chan Gailey was thinking on that fourth down play. Pass was thrown at Kellen Davis, who has 1 catch this yr.

  26. Kellen Davis didn't see it. #BUFvsNYJ #TNF https://t.co/Nbo1ScuYMW

  27. Kellen Davis was open. Could have had it.

  28. The fourth-down throw to Kellen Davis????

  29. And with the game on the line, the Jets throw the ball in the end zone to ... Kellen Davis. Fitzpatrick sails it over his head.

  30. Not sure that Kellen Davis, who has one receiving yard this year, is the target of choice right there. #Jets

  31. Another one! Kellen Davis recovers the muffed punt. #Jets ball at the JAX 25. 3:37 left. Jags have 2 TOs remaining. #JAXvsNYJ

  32. Takeaway No. 3. Kellen Davis recovers for the Jets at the JAX 25.

  33. [LTD] TE Kellen Davis (hand), RB Bilal Powell (ankle), CB Buster Skrine (shoulder, hand) #jets ....

  34. Buster Skrine, Bilal Powell + Kellen Davis were limited in practice today #jets

  35. Geno Smith to Kellen Davis…#ThatHelpsNoOne WATCH: https://t.co/lOJO1a9OcX https://t.co/pfvg21p9kD

  36. This week's #ThatHelpsNoOne clubhouse leader is Geno Smith to Kellen Davis. In other news, TEs still score against the Raiders. #NYJvsOAK

  37. Geno to Kellen Davis with a 1-yard TD #nyj

  38. Third and goal from the one. Geno Smith rolls right and hits tight end Kellen Davis for the touchdown. #Raiders