1. Pro Bowl Update: Four #Browns among Top 10 at their position. Karlos Dansby new to list. https://t.co/3Q2ullYL8v https://t.co/nHUaoRAgTm

  2. Buzzkill. Seconds after #Browns go up 20-16 on Dansby's pick-6, Manning throws 75 TD pass to Sanders over Tramon. Broncos 23-20 7:53 left 4Q

  3. Karlos Dansby picked off Peyton Manning once. And now twice. And this one was a PICK 6. #DENvsCLE http://t.co/Z8MuYK1yug

  4. Per @EliasSports Karlos Dansby is the first player with pick sixes against both Eli and Peyton Manning.

  5. #Browns HC Mike Pettine: knowing end of movie you'd like to kick it instead of going for 2 after Dansby pick 6 but felt good about decision

  6. Safe to say Karlos Dansby isn't invited to Manning Thanksgiving; He became 1st player w/ Pick-6 off Eli & Peyton. http://t.co/uLHVbgll1F

  7. No love lost between Karlos Dansby & the Manning family? He's the 1st player to earn a pick-six off Eli AND Peyton. http://t.co/3PJ5KYMeyz

  8. Linebacker Karlos Dansby’s stellar effort not enough to lift #Browns over #Broncos. Via @GeorgeThomasABJ : http://t.co/Whx50PxyM2

  9. Karlos Dansby comes up with big plays for #Browns in loss, just like he said he would: http://t.co/Sj0ocRb1Mm #NFL

  10. Postgame player reaction: Dansby, Benjamin, Thomas & more. QUOTES: http://t.co/vL4PI6MrV3 http://t.co/6kcDYmA8H3

  11. Repost: Linebacker Karlos Dansby’s stellar effort not enough to lift #Browns over #Broncos. Via @GeorgeThomasABJ : http://t.co/Whx50PxyM2

  12. Dansby's INTs. Barnidge's TDs. Benjamin's long grab. Re-live those plays & more >> http://t.co/6OXdn79QVd http://t.co/PvYT1q8rYk

  13. Two big picks yesterday for Karlos Dansby. See what he had to say after the tough loss → http://t.co/K8vnlTV7BX http://t.co/QCTMxVp92m

  14. How do the Browns bounce back from two last-second losses in three weeks? "Go out and win," Karlos Dansby said.

  15. #Browns Karlos Dansby doesn't agree w/Bill Cowher's Johnny Manziel should be cut take "Can't turn your back on him. We're gonna support him"

  16. #Browns LB Karlos Dansby said Manziel is a different person and player than last year. He said he's not concerned Manziel is drinking.

  17. #Browns LB Karlos Dansby said he doesn't agree with Bill Cowher that Manziel should be cut. "He made one mistake...let him live his life''

  18. #Browns LB Karlos Dansby told him fellow LB Craig Robertson told him he had a dream that Dansby would intercept '18' twice on Sunday

  19. Two more INTs and Karlos Dansby will be the 5th player to join the 40-20 club https://t.co/NHv4LJEBBr https://t.co/tFw0P3NGFT

  20. Karlos Dansby insists #Browns defense will still turn it around; Injury Updates & more https://t.co/Z3rm7ojlUV

  21. Karlos Dansby is just 2 INTs away from doing something just four @NFL players have done. → https://t.co/TC5QInmOPh https://t.co/8wD3MD8jgO

  22. #Browns notes: Karlos Dansby reflects on INTs vs Peyton, Eli Manning: "Hopefully I can go to the camp & get Archie" https://t.co/wXyCR5BgoL

  23. Monday quotes: Barnidge, Dansby, Mingo, Hawkins. >> https://t.co/eIQ3s5flYg https://t.co/WgKUx3g9ZF

  24. ICYMI: #Browns notes: Karlos Dansby on INTs vs Peyton, Eli Manning: "Hopefully I can go to the camp and get Archie" https://t.co/wXyCR5BgoL

  25. It's GRADE DAY on @Browns_Daily as we break down the performance against DEN. plus Karlos Dansby and you! 216 578 0850

  26. Off and running w/ @Browns_Daily on @ESPNCleveland. It's GRADE DAY plus we'll hear from Karlos Dansby, and more!

  27. Pettine, Dansby dispute report from former #Browns staff writer that players think defense too complicated, chaotic https://t.co/lv5fom3a40

  28. ICYMI: #Browns notes Dansby, Mike Pettine don’t buy theory struggles vs run are caused by scheme confusing defenders https://t.co/gNq1sEFgAL

  29. PFF blames bad run DEF on Dansby, Kirk, both Williams, Cooper. Shelton graded well, "standing up his man, forcing cuts & squeezing at POA"

  30. Dansby *nearly* had a pick there… Steelers FG unit comes onto the field. #CLEvsPIT

  31. Happy Birthday, Karlos Dansby!

  32. A big happy birthday shoutout to LB Karlos Dansby! https://t.co/nWnX0kYeYQ

  33. By the way, #Browns ILB Karlos Dansby credited with forcing the fumble Armonty Bryant recovered and returned to #Cardinals' 9

  34. Dansby forces fumble and Armonty Bryant rumbles to the 10.

  35. Dansby forces Chris Johnson fumble. Armonty Bryant returns it to the 9.