1. Karl Malone Celebrates LSU TD with Shimmy Dance While Using Flip Phone

    Louisiana native-turned- NBA legend Karl Malone was in attendance for LSU’s game against Syracuse on Saturday. After Tre’Davious White took a punt 69 yards back to the house, The Mailman celebrated like it was 1999...

    Thomas Duffy Written by Thomas Duffy about 4 months ago 38,006 reads 31 comments

  2. An Oral History of the 2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers, the 1st Super Team

    After the Lakers’ bid to win four straight championships fell short with a second-round loss to the eventual champion San Antonio Spurs in 2003, the franchise appeared to ...

    Ric Bucher Written by Ric Bucher about 9 months ago 451,753 reads 486 comments

  3. Karl Malone Shaves His Head with a Knife, Is a Crazy Person

    Karl Malone is a crazy and spectacular hard case of a man. That is to say, somehow, Malone manages to come off as an even bigger, leathery bucket of nails in retirement than when he notched NBA All-Defensive honors with the Utah Jazz in the '90s.

    Dan Carson Written by Dan Carson about 12 months ago 68,310 reads 69 comments