1. Karl Malone Shaves His Head with a Knife, Is a Crazy Person

    Karl Malone is a crazy and spectacular hard case of a man. That is to say, somehow, Malone manages to come off as an even bigger, leathery bucket of nails in retirement than when he notched NBA All-Defensive honors with the Utah Jazz in the '90s.

    Dan Carson Written by Dan Carson about 2 months ago 67,956 reads 69 comments

  2. Michael Jordan Tells Kobe Bryant to 'Go Get Karl' on NBA Scoring List

    Now that Kobe Bryant has leapfrogged Michael Jordan on the NBA 's all-time scoring list, His Airness has a request for the Black Mamba: Gun for second place...

    Alec Nathan Written by Alec Nathan about 4 months ago 58,881 reads 109 comments

  3. Dubious Sports Records Held by Superstars

    Though we often romanticize and idolize our legends of sport, they—perhaps better than anyone—teach us that with true greatness comes frequent failure...

    Scott Janovitz Written by Scott Janovitz about 5 months ago 19,784 reads 10 comments

  4. Karl Malone Shows Off Hunting Skills by Killing a Bear with a Compound Bow

    Karl Malone had a Hall of Fame NBA career, and it looks like he can hold his own as a hunter as well. The 50-year-old took down a bear by using a compound bow. The Mailman's son, Karl Malone Jr...

    Kyle Newport Written by Kyle Newport about 12 months ago 104,208 reads 172 comments