1. ICYMI: Justin Morneau returns to #Rockies after concussion, starts against Giants http://t.co/XWygdU4ijb http://t.co/0CeBXjzQwG

  2. High-Risk, High-Reward Reclamation Projects

  3. Free-Agent Morneau 'Open to Pretty Much Anything'

  4. Rockies Decline Justin Morneau's Option

  5. Justin Morneau Activated from Disabled List

  6. ICYMI: Justin Morneau returns to #Rockies after concussion, starts against Giants http://t.co/XWygdU4ijb http://t.co/yrT8zgz4C8

  7. Make it 2-0 good guys! Morneau singles to drive in DJ, then advances to second on an error. #letsgooo http://t.co/SqYfEAF1sd

  8. #Rox up 1-0 early! Morneau singles up the middle to score Reyes. Here we go! http://t.co/44MlL3WYpX

  9. #Padres plate 3 more runs in the 6th, #Rox now trail 9-4. #CarGo-Nolan-Morneau are due up in the 7th. http://t.co/gN11aiN9cg

  10. Weiss pinch-ran in for Morneau at third in LA with Ben Paulsen. "I wanted a slow young guy there instead of a slow old guy."

  11. Big games for Morneau and Garneau tonight! CONFIRMED: They did their post-game interviews in English.  http://t.co/i0NLrA5Im0

  12. The Rockies started their final homestand well. Morneau hit another triple. http://t.co/vI0vK8ANHz http://t.co/7FwRNIM44k

  13. Morneau scores on a wild pitch and @Benjaminpaulsen drives in 2 with a single up the middle. #Rox now trail 10-4. http://t.co/aMqllFSIPQ

  14. Noted former Bucco Justin Morneau will start at first tonight for the Rockies, his first time facing the Pirates since being one in 2013.

  15. Justin Morneau's return to #Rockies marked a success http://t.co/mLBBrOGz2U by @psaundersdp http://t.co/IbFKUfOUtF

  16. Saturday Rockpile: Morneau's return a success, Barnes likely done for the year http://t.co/P50nWnKF2F http://t.co/5S7tSIGiBZ

  17. Justin Morneau's return to #Rockies marked a success http://t.co/mLBBrOGz2U by @psaundersdp http://t.co/uUtk1MAqWP

  18. I think #Dodgers Carl Crawford must be muttering, "We're not in Dodger Stadium anymore" as double by #Rockies Morneau flew over his head.

  19. Justin Morneau drives in #Dickmania to make it 6-2, Rox. Morneau hitting .360 (18-for-50) since returning from the DL on Sept. 4.

  20. And Morneau singles to score Dickerson. Make it 6-2 #Rockies! http://t.co/MTImQCJNyj

  21. Justin Morneau is 3-for-3. He's been really impressive since he returned. Tons of respect for that guy.

  22. Make that 4-for-4 for Justin Morneau.

  23. Season-high four hits for #Rockies Morneau.

  24. A season-high four hits for #Rockies 1B Justin Morneau

  25. Justin Morneau talks about what the #Rockies need to change now in order to win next year: http://t.co/1IYPrjIssR via @psaundersdp

  26. Should the Rockies try to make Justin Morneau part of their 2016 team? http://t.co/ul5IMmvkvP http://t.co/HIOJocsEPx

  27. Wow! 3rd triple for #Rockies Morneau since coming back from DL.

  28. "Attaboy speedy," could be heard in the #Rockies dugout as Morneau scores on a @DJLeMahieu sac fly. 1-0 #Rox! http://t.co/XzaZzcving

  29. In-game reading: #Rockies' Morneau's leadership not being overlooked http://t.co/TA79BQRWxG via @mlb

  30. Ben Paulsen will be the #Rockies' 1B next year. So why is Justin Morneau playing? "He's earned it," Weiss said: http://t.co/ob0Ooq4Hd1

  31. Yes. Same could arguably be said for Morneau, too. https://t.co/I5kmhTvFrb

  32. Two-run single from Justin Morneau puts the #Rockies ahead 5-3. #SFGiants

  33. #Rockies Justin Morneau gives team 5-3 lead on 2-run 1B, after 3-run Dickerson HR. http://t.co/gWfwcMQVHl

  34. The #Rockies have declined their end of the mutual option with 1B Justin Morneau. https://t.co/c6MKDftqke

  35. #Rockies will decline their side of Justin Morneau's contract option for 2016, team says...

  36. Rockies decline 2016 option on Justin Morneau https://t.co/yGk3qaaoiN

  37. The #Rockies decline their option on Justin Morneau: https://t.co/T0Y75PBF9X https://t.co/NOJeuDu6oJ