1. #Chiefs Justin Houston records the INT off the deflection. Things not going well for Lions.

  2. You see what @Chiefs HC Andy Reid and OLB @JHouston50 said about the #Broncos? https://t.co/XnmjESNVQl #KCvsDEN https://t.co/xMErXCMoA5

  3. Osweiler down. @JHouston50 with the #Sack! #KCvsDEN https://t.co/WW5dWUrdlM

  4. Add another #Sack for @JHouston50. He now has 2 on the day, 7.5 on the year. #KCvsDEN https://t.co/tdkReH5B1A

  5. PICK 6!!! @JHouston50 made that look wayyy too easy. #KCvsSD https://t.co/K3XIApwbnx

  6. Observations from #KCvsSD 1. Alex Smith's big day 2. @JHouston50 = Elite 3-10: https://t.co/5RM2mnMQBz https://t.co/21NlsL4ahE

  7. Respect. @jhouston50 + @bflowers24 #ChiefsKingdom

  8. The Refrigerator Poe says he can do what Justin Houston did. Houston says Poe's moment was given. Winners debate: https://t.co/m42B710PwP

  9. Justin Houston on K.C. turnaround: We never turned our backs on each other https://t.co/RdextNHt7C

  10. Almost a sack . Guess I need some work with @jhouston50 and @tambahali91 #chiefskingdom https://t.co/xZaYwO55uH

  11. Marcus Peters called Justin Houston’s pick-6. "I said hey 50, when they throw that screen, you gonna pick it off and go to the house, bruh."

  12. Philip Rivers is looking for a screen pass. Justin Houston is looking for the end zone. PICK SIX! #KCvsSD https://t.co/X2XWikFtZV

  13. Philip Rivers is looking for a screen pass. Justin Houston is looking for the end zone. PICK SIX! #KCvsSD https://t.co/nkSwL4YDqB

  14. Justin Houston with the pick-6. Chiefs defense continues as an elite unit after settling down weeks ago.

  15. Philip Rivers throws fourth pick-6 of the season, as Justin Houston steps in front of a screen pass to Danny Woodhead for a 17-yard score.

  16. Philip Rivers throws his fourth pick-six of season. Justin Houston, this time, to the house.

  17. Ugh. Rivers attempted screen pass to Woodhead picked off by Justin Houston, who runs it back for the touchdown.

  18. Justin Houston with the pick six. Gone from bad to much much worse.Chiefs about to take a 19-3 lead

  19. #Chiefs OLB Justin Houston with the interception and the TD return. KC extends its lead to 18-3

  20. Philip Rivers Pick-SIX. Justin Houston takes the pass back 16 yards. KC leads SD 19-3

  21. Former Giant Phil Rivers has seen enough of Justin Houston and Tamba Hali today.

  22. Philip Rivers to Justin Houston. Touchdown Chiefs!!! #KCvsSD https://t.co/tk2VvOfJYH

  23. Justin Houston puts Chiefs in control in San Diego with pick six of Phil Rivers.

  24. LB Justin Houston intercepts Rivers, returns the ball 16 yards for the touchdown. It’s 19-3 @chiefs. 3:27 left in the third quarter.

  25. Joe Barksdale vs. Justin Houston one of five key #KCvsSD matchups. #Madden16 READ: https://t.co/gkoJASYY7Q https://t.co/A6tCz6dbLM

  26. We went to the tape to take a look at plays from @chiefs Jeremy Maclin & Justin Houston. https://t.co/hs6J75S0gJ https://t.co/XcA776mJGn

  27. In the happiest Chiefs locker room of 2015, Justin Houston talked about why they lost five in a row. https://t.co/HzQ8wc78Nh

  28. Justin Houston has a theory you'll want to hear after the Chiefs took advantage of a very bad Peyton Manning. https://t.co/HzQ8wc78Nh

  29. @millerlite40 + Justin Houston. Jersey swap! #KCvsDEN : Jack Dempsey/AP

  30. How happy were Chiefs about dominating performance? When we were allowed in locker room, Justin Houston was walking around yelling, "Yeah!"

  31. 7.5 sacks on the year for Justin Houston.

  32. Justin Houston also beating Von Miller in Pro Bowl votes #TrollTrollTrollYourBoat https://t.co/LosxPdgXTL https://t.co/wQj2MUNcYP

  33. “We give ourselves a great chance to win,” #Chiefs LB Justin Houston said on turnovers, communicating vs. Broncos: https://t.co/uFth8Nimpj

  34. Justin Houston > Von MIller on PFF's midseason All-Pro team https://t.co/aM9eh508Zz https://t.co/n9ImKnOT9B

  35. "I'm still trying to look forward to break more records." 1-on-1 with Justin Houston: https://t.co/J3g6rX7SBr https://t.co/n840QFIKS4

  36. Justin Houston picks Stafford off for the second interception of his career. @chiefs all over the @lions right now. #DETvsKC