1. Good stuff on new Hawk @JustHolla7! https://t.co/TsjJ8SOH3J

  2. 10 Hidden Gems Who Will Emerge This Season

  3. @UWAthletics @JustHolla7 Will do! http://t.co/Rfwg43ZPgw

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  5. Looks like @JustHolla7 comes to us with some serious selfie skills! (Photo via @CanyonCreekCamp) http://t.co/ztf2Hl2xht

  6. Good morning read - @AnaheimAmigos tells the story of @JustHolla7's journey from Belgium to the NBA: http://t.co/ZuoEP6MA11

  7. Fun fact: @JustHolla7's sister Lauren & @KyleKorver's cousin Kari were UCLA teammates in 2013. (Photo via @UCLAWBB) http://t.co/6wb48iZ3Vy

  8. #ICYMI - @JustHolla7 is ready for a bigger NBA role, writes @AnaheimAmigos: http://t.co/ZuoEP6MA11 #TrueToAtlanta

  9. Video: Meet four of the newest Hawks, @jrich23, @tiagosplitter, @T_HardJR and @JustHolla7. http://t.co/Oocjjuinxx

  10. Justin Holiday "I'm excited to be here" http://t.co/uGCLH0UIor

  11. Justin Holiday just might become your new favorite Atlanta Hawk, given the chance: http://t.co/TjjyD7LbwP http://t.co/UhzQfVkAGv

  12. I'm all in on Justin Holiday. (this is @BTRowland for the record)

  13. Justin Holiday in for Bazemore

  14. Win Jr. Hawks shooting game @apsupdate: ✔️ Get photo with @JustHolla7, @tiagosplitter & @24Bazemore: ✔️ #NBACares http://t.co/ijSDVuyN5J

  15. I'd really like to know how much Justin Holiday actually weighs.

  16. #ICYMI, @JustHolla7 is just one in a family full of athletes: http://t.co/oJSsmuviWy #TrueToAtlanta

  17. No Justin Holiday and no Tim Hardaway in this first half.

  18. We have a Justin Holiday sighting.

  19. Justin Holiday plus-11 and Tiago Splitter plus-10 in first quarter. Hawks ended on 13-2 run with them on court.

  20. Justin Holiday is back.

  21. For those who have inquired, yes, the Hawks traded a 1st rounder for Tim Hardaway, Jr. Yes, he's behind Justin Holiday & Lamar Patterson

  22. Bud spoke in glowing terms about Justin Holiday in pregame. The word "potential" was used on multiple occasions.

  23. Justin Holiday is laughably long

  24. Justin Holiday with a nice jumper off a curl.

  25. Justin Holiday with 12 minutes in the first half...

  26. Justin Holiday joins Hawks' wing rotation - and block party. https://t.co/jMoy2ayTAB

  27. Mike Scott and Justin Holiday on the floor now.

  28. Justin Holiday is fun

  29. Justin Holiday can play.

  30. Justin Holiday is also into the game for Atlanta

  31. Hawks have four starters and Justin Holiday (for Splitter). Sefolosha about to check in Holiday. Big lineup as played only 6:16.

  32. Hawks change starting lineup. Justin Holiday will start. Tiago Splitter will come off bench.

  33. CMB took exception to non-call on a Justin Holiday layup attempt. Kenny Atkinson takes over.

  34. Al Horford on CMB ejection: Justin (Holiday) drives to the basket, gets hit in the face clearly and they should know better.”