1. ICYMI - Jurrell Casey says he takes the blame for critical #Bills run. READ: http://t.co/8IQeEkRV2P http://t.co/CWsi2blYjR

  2. Jurrell Casey said he was responsible for letting Tyrod Taylor getting free. Said coaches tested defense to make a play and they didn't

  3. Jurrell Casey back in for #Titans

  4. Jurrell Casey, Titans best DL not in game right now. #Bills

  5. Jurrell Casey down for #Titans

  6. Jurrell Casey leaves the field with trainers. That could be a big one.

  7. Taylor took a hard shot there from Jurrell Casey and is slow to get up.

  8. Tyrod Taylor sacked in the middle of the #Titans defense. Derrick Morgan credited with the sack along with Jurrell Casey

  9. Jurrell Casey tied Derrick Morgan for the #Titans sack lead on the previous drive. Now they split one to get to 3.5 each. #Titans

  10. Great lateral quickness and speed by Jurrell Casey on sack of Taylor. Bills zero first downs so far.

  11. Jurrell Casey is a savage

  12. Jurrell Casey stops Tyrod Taylor , credited with a sack.

  13. There's that Jurrell Casey guy Rex Ryan was raving about. Ends the Bills drive by chasing down Tyrod Taylor.

  14. Serious defensive tackle power: Jurrell Casey greets Marcel Dareus during warmups at... http://t.co/zCVZN33SiB http://t.co/fWPLvGSPF8

  15. 9. Keep your eyes on #99 (Jurrell Casey) for the Titans all game and where he lines up. Guy is a monster. https://t.co/DGUB4QCWE3

  16. 1. I've got two: WR Kendall Wright, and DT Jurrell Casey https://t.co/qeDiq9NM8u

  17. The Other Side with @JasonWolf. Breaks down #Titans QB Marcus Mariota, the ground game, Jurrell Casey: http://t.co/EAQPbk1yMW

  18. Opponents are quick to praise #Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey. http://t.co/OqPpF8Q4q3

  19. Per @PFF, #Titans' Jurrell Casey is the NFL's 3rd highest rated 3-4 DE going into Week 5. He has 13 pressures on 65 pass rushes.

  20. Both Rex Ryan and #Bills QB Tyrod Taylor had high praise for #Titans DL Jurrell Casey @Jurrellc

  21. When #Titans play the Bills, I want to see just how much Jurrell Casey changes the game. I think he can force Tyrod into a big mistake or 2.

  22. Per @PFF, #Titans DE Jurrell Casey had by far the highest grade of any defender on Sun. after posting 4 QB hurries, 2 QB hits and 1 sack.

  23. Jurrell Casey knifes through the line and tackles Gore for a loss.