1. As expected, Julian Edelman (foot) and Justin Coleman (hand) have been ruled out.

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  3. The Injury Report, Week 11: Julian Edelman, Footlost

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  6. Jamie Collins is doubtful for Sunday's game in Denver. Coleman and Edelman are out. Danny Amendola, Martin and Williams are questionable

  7. Julian Edelman, Justin Coleman and Eric Martin weren't spotted at Patriots practice. Amendola, Collins present.

  8. Jamie Collins is back at Patriots practice for the first time since Friday of Week 9. Still no Coleman, Edelman. Eric Martin also missing.

  9. Patriots Hopeful Julian Edelman Will Return This Season

  10. Brady: Edelman Too Good to Say 'Just Put Someone Else In'

  11. Brady Lays Out How Pats May Replace Edelman

  12. Patriots missing Justin Coleman, Eric Martin and Julian Edelman from practice

  13. Danny Amendola is also here. No Edelman, Coleman or Eric Martin.

  14. Edelman and Dion Lewis would be on that list, but injuries will keep them out. And Amendola is a worthy return specialist

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  16. Tom Brady Loses Key Target As Julian Edelman Breaks Foot In Winning Effort

  17. Julian Edelman Suffered A Broken Foot

  18. Players not spotted at walkthrough: LB Jamie Collins, WRs Aaron Dobson, Matthew Slater, Julian Edelman, CB Justin Coleman.

  19. Danny Amendola was here for today's walkthrough. No sign of Jamie Collins, Matthew Slater, Dobson,Coleman or Edelman https://t.co/fpgMb2zsW4

  20. If he wasn't there, I would have listed him with Collins, Coleman and Edelman. No secrets on this Twitter feed. https://t.co/9322tKVklk

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  22. Edelman 'Was Put on This Earth' to Play for Pats

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  24. OUT: @Edelman11 IN: @DannyAmendola Here's how that @Patriots offense will change: https://t.co/NZiYCkVisZ https://t.co/waaBdsAG7F

  25. No changes to Friday's injury report for the Patriots. Collins, Coleman, Edelman DNP.

  26. #Patriots final injury report doesn't come until Saturday. Collins, Edelman and Justin Coleman don't practice for second day in a row

  27. Buzz: DCs Think They Can Slow Gronk, Edelman After Lewis Injury

  28. Julian Edelman Scores A Touchdown In Week 9

  29. Video: Skins Strip Edelman, Blackmon Recovers Fumble

  30. Collins, Coleman and Edelman out for the Patriots. Cannon, Jackson, Vollmer, Keshawn questionable. Branch, Jones, Mason, Sheard probable.

  31. 10 Things I Think I Think: Manning rests, Amendola replaces Edelman and Dalton's feelings https://t.co/dVeJyygKfQ https://t.co/jFFuQXb2Ra

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  33. Edelman Gets into the James Bond Spirit

  34. Gameday 10 Things: Amendola, not Edelman, was the original heir to Wes Welker's throne. Now's his chance to prove it https://t.co/8mtBZQrUwN

  35. Terrible. Why bother having Edelman Rule if guys in the booth don't have the guts to stop the game? https://t.co/CuYErEwdfy

  36. Injury Report: Edelman (Knee) Returns to Practice

  37. Julian Edelman Was Limited In Wednesday's Practice

  38. Julian Edelman's injury costly to Pats and him. Edelman has per-game roster bonuses of $46,875. If he misses season, Edelman loses $328,125.

  39. AFC East Notes: Taylor, Edelman, Dolphins https://t.co/Fv8GjeCaw7 https://t.co/bayaKd658Z

  40. I've been told there is no need to worry about Julian Edelman's knee. You can all breath easy now.

  41. Stefon Diggs Sits Out Of Practice And Julian Edelman Was Limited

  42. Belichick on Edelman being out: "There'll be definitely some guys that have to step up here, our entire offensive team."

  43. Belichick to 98.5 asked about losing Edelman and getting him back: "Hopefully we will."

  44. Edelman Acts Like a Total Bro at C's Game

  45. Julian Edelman Catches Two Touchdowns Against Dolphins

  46. Brady stands in against the blitz, Amendola gets his Edelman on and makes a big third down catch. Tough to defend.

  47. Tonight will give us a good indication of how this Pats offense will be going forward. Edelman & Lewis had 39% of all catches this season

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  49. Watch: Brady Finds Edelman for 10-Yard TD

  50. In the Patriots' first game without Edelman, which WR do you think will have the best performance?

  51. Amendola running a signature Edelman route on that third down.

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  53. Julian Edelman's speed would have resulted in a 1st down on that play. That's the difference between him & Amendola. #Bills-#Patriots

  54. And then there's Brandon LaFell, who caught a pass for 27 yards, to answer the question: "Who's replacing Edelman?" #Bills-#Patriots

  55. Julian Edelman Has An Off Day In Week 7 As He Was On Revis Island

  56. Julian Edelman Considers Himself 'Jew ... Ish'

  57. But this is also the reality of the Patriots' offense without Lewis/Edelman. They're gonna have to win games in the 20s.

  58. That Edelman commercial has unfortunate timing.

  59. Julian Edelman Not Listed On Injury Report

  60. Edelman, Amendola Perfect Complements to Gronk

  61. Amendola doing his best Edelman impresion with that catch and run.

  62. Edelman and Lewis are out, a patchwork o-line, they lost a number of big time guys in secondary...and the pats keep winning. Amazing.

  63. Edelman Goes All Out on 'Back to the Future' Day

  64. How Will LaFell's Return Affect Pats WR Corps?

  65. Patriots were 3-for-7 on third down in the first half. No Lewis, no Edelman makes that a stat to watch going forward.

  66. #Patriots injured WRs: Edelman foot, 8-9 wks Amendola knee, TBD Dobson ankle, TBD Keshawn Martin hamstring, 5 wks Brandon Gibson IR Tyms IR

  67. Edelman on Colts' Onside Kick, Trick Play: 'Shame on Them'

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  69. After missing the last 7 quarters of football, Julian Edelman is ranked 10th in the NFL in receptions. He’s tied for fifth in receiving TDs.

  70. Danny Amendola has nine catches for 117 yards. #Patriots are going to have a hard time placing Julian Edelman, tho.

  71. Edelman, Jones Among Patriots Stars in Win

  72. Image: Edelman's Pinky Doesn't Look Right

  73. Lose Edelman, insert Amendola. Lose Dion Lewis, insert White. Let Revis walk, insert Butler. Lose OLs, plug in OLs...WHERE DOES IT END!!!?

  74. Danny Amendola throws a defender on skates, does his best Julian Edelman impression for a 1st Down. #BUFvsNE https://t.co/hgqMs9BwL2

  75. Watch: Edelman Somehow Hangs on for TD

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  77. Tom Brady misses Edelman badly. Rex compounding his lack of quick answer outlet by throwing the kitchen sink and the microwave at Brady.

  78. Patriots inactives: G Tre' Jackson, WR Keshawn Martin, DT Sealver Siliga, DE Trey Flowers, LB Jamie Collins, WR Julian Edelman, CB J Coleman