1. Contender or Pretender? Montoya Claims to Have 'Good Shot' at Indy

    Despite Sunday's Brickyard 400 being one of only two scheduled Sprint Cup starts this year for Juan Pablo Montoya , the former open-wheel ace turned NASCAR driver turned open-wheeler again brings a bucket load of confidence into Sunday's race...

    Varoon Bose Written by Varoon Bose about 1 month ago 171 reads 0 comments

  2. NASCAR Drivers Not Receiving Enough Attention for 2013 Success

    As the regular season of NASCAR comes to a close, certain drivers seem to be getting attention for their success more than others. Jimmie Johnson, for example, has had major success this year and has been a spotlight for many NASCAR discussions.

    Michael Guadalupe Written by Michael Guadalupe about 1 year ago 4,916 reads 9 comments