1. #Redskins need to see more consistency from C/G Josh LeRibeus. READ | https://t.co/S9JQPL541G https://t.co/8jEkmA9MuX

  2. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  3. Center Josh LeRibeus is down and hurt. Believe Spencer Long would be next up there. Helmet came flying off on play.

  4. Skins OL LeRibeus got smashed between two players. Helmet flew off and got a nice gash on his face

  5. Josh LeRibeus being checked. Had his helmet knocked off. Spencer Long would move to C and Arie Kouandjio would come in at LG.

  6. LeRibeus jogged off to the sidelines.

  7. LeRibeus banged heads with teammate Brandon Scherff. Remember - starting center Kory Lichtensteiger (neck) is out already.

  8. LeRibeus just jogged to the sideline. It's Long and Kouandjio in the huddle.

  9. This says more about LeRibeus than de la Puente.. #Redskins run game not the same w/o Lichtensteiger.. #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/zzeusMals3

  10. Josh LeRibeus’ inconsistent snaps becoming a concern for #Redskins, @AnthonyGulizia writes: https://t.co/DRTI6P9w8I https://t.co/hclrSzXS5i

  11. Snaps remain an issue for Redskins center Josh LeRibeus https://t.co/ObrKdeQKKZ

  12. Jay Gruden on center Josh LeRibeus. "Josh is playing okay, but we've got to work on our location of the snaps and when to snap them."

  13. LeRibeus has now messed up on remembering snap counts in each of his five starts. Inexcusable for a center.

  14. No, LeRibeus still. https://t.co/gSeoE21RlM

  15. Despite some errant snaps Josh LeRibeus will start on Sunday. @TarikCSN w more https://t.co/aE6jCCiUvU #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/x7o6C7DqC8

  16. Gruden plans to stick with inside linebackers Compton and Riley and center LeRibeus https://t.co/9Di8K794Fs

  17. Gruden also says he's sticking w LeRibeus as his starting center. Says now signing of de la Puente was more for insurance.

  18. Gruden says Josh LeRibeus is still the starting center. "He is making progress" with snaps, but still needs to work on accuracy.

  19. Josh LeRibeus "is our starting center" Jay Gruden says. Wouldn't expect a change there this week.

  20. LeRibeus missed another snap count. That's why Trent Williams jumped. Scherff flinched as well. Reoccurring problem.

  21. LeRibeus with another bad shotgun snap

  22. New C Brian de la Puente is playing although LeRibeus is starting. Frank Kearse dressing for only 2nd time this season.

  23. ICYMI: LeRibeus, not de la Puente, set to start Sunday for Redskins https://t.co/M5ogeTGBpc #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/VGRNtDwiSp

  24. LeRibeus, not de la Puente, set to start Sunday for Redskins https://t.co/wZF5nutTx8 #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/aoGsDoan04

  25. LeRibeus will remain the starting center. They're still getting de la Puente up to speed.

  26. At center, Josh LeRibeus will still start. Just too soon for Brian de la Puente.

  27. Josh LeRibeus will start at center, hope to have de la Puente ready to go.

  28. Gruden says Josh LeRibeus will get the start at center Sunday vs. the Saints. WATCH LIVE: https://t.co/yh2VDfTwxI

  29. Redskins coach Jay Gruden said Josh LeRibeus will start at center Sunday. Brian de la Puenta is still getting up... https://t.co/2FEvyypPlL

  30. ICYMI--Snapping problems could send LeRibeus to the bench https://t.co/r30NKKAbEc #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/dFzv8YHECD

  31. Gruden says de la Puente doing OK Day 2; learning OC coach Callahan's language. Says he feels good if LeRibeus starts & dlP backs up Sun

  32. Snapping problems could send LeRibeus to bench https://t.co/wbPB1PZTiJ #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/eBplruKWaA

  33. Snapping problems could send LeRibeus to the bench https://t.co/r30NKKiAME #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/LvyWpJpv78

  34. Snapping problems could send LeRibeus to bench https://t.co/bslrfrisXw #RedskinsTalk https://t.co/005lQ9m7UV

  35. Gruden noted that Josh LeRibeus has done well in protection. Agree with that. But also pointed to shotgun snaps and run blocking.

  36. Gruden said LeRibeus' pass protection is fine, but run blocking and shotgun snaps are a concern. "Doesn't mean we're giving up on Josh."

  37. De La Puente is a veteran guy who has played who is "more of a true center" than LeRibeus. Will take time to work him in.

  38. Gruden says Brian de la Puente is more of a "true center" than Josh LeRibeus #RedskinsTalk

  39. In fairness to LeRibeus, he has now started 3 career games at center after switching in offseason. but play has to pick up fast now...

  40. Probably doesn't hurt to mention that Josh LeRibeus didn't exactly have his best game Sunday. de la Puente has started 50 NFL games