1. Sepp Blatter Responds to Critics in German Magazine Interview

    FIFA president Sepp Blatter has insisted that he is not corrupt and said that anyone who accuses him as such " should go to jail...

    Rory Marsden Written by Rory Marsden about 2 days ago 23,723 reads 84 comments

  2. Do FIFA's Sponsors Care About Corruption, and Are They Partly to Blame?

    With FIFA seemingly mortally wounded following the latest and most tawdry corruption scandal of its 111-year existence, its president, Sepp Blatter, announced his resignation , ...

    Ed Hawkins Written by Ed Hawkins about 4 days ago 21,683 reads 34 comments

  3. Sepp Blatter Discusses Resignation as FIFA President, Plans for Election

    FIFA President Sepp Blatter shed new light on his departure from the organisation during an interview on Saturday, in which he clarified he will not be among the candidates when football's biggest governing body elects a new leader in 2016...

    Gianni Verschueren Written by Gianni Verschueren about 6 days ago 3,220 reads 9 comments

  4. Sepp Blatter Says He Hasn't Resigned as FIFA President: Latest Details, Reaction

    FIFA President Sepp Blatter has hinted at potentially reversing his decision to give up the top job in football's governing body...

    Rory Marsden Written by Rory Marsden about 7 days ago 9,337 reads 35 comments

  5. Sepp Blatter Says FIFA Officials Should Pass Integrity Checks

    Wait, what was that, Sepp Blatter ? FIFA , football's governing body, has been embroiled in a massive controversy over the past month, so much so that Sepp Blatter announced that he'd eventually resign just four days after being re-elected..

    Sean Swaby Written by Sean Swaby about 14 days ago 13,041 reads 24 comments

  6. Russia Want Investigation into Moon Landings in Response to FBI's FIFA Probe

    Most of the world has been thanking the United States of America and, more specifically, the FBI for lifting the lid on alleged corruption within FIFA . Most, but not all...

    Sean Fay Written by Sean Fay about 14 days ago 45,600 reads 236 comments

  7. Just 2 People Turn Up as Self-Funded FIFA Movie Makes Hollywood Debut

    The self-funded FIFA movie United Passions looks like it is going to be a huge flop in the United States. The film tells the history of FIFA, with Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction star Tim Roth taking the role of Sepp Blatter...

    Sean Fay Written by Sean Fay about 27 days ago 158,603 reads 109 comments

  8. FIFA Reportedly Paid Irish FA After Thierry Henry Handball

    The FIFA controversy that has dominated headlines in the past week took another shocking turn on Thursday, as John Delaney, the chief executive of the Football Association of Ireland, ...

    Gianni Verschueren Written by Gianni Verschueren about 29 days ago 18,064 reads 53 comments

  9. Sepp Blatter Gets 10-Minute-Long Standing Ovation from Staff at FIFA

    Not everybody hates Sepp Blatter . On Tuesday, the much-maligned FIFA president announced his intention to resign , and much of the football world greeted the decision with joy ...

    Sean Fay Written by Sean Fay about 1 month ago 17,612 reads 47 comments

  10. Sepp Blatter Reportedly Under FBI Investigation: Latest Details and Comments

    FIFA President Sepp Blatter is under investigation from the FBI, reported by ABC News on June 3. The 79-year-old—who won a fifth term in office on May 29—initially ...

    Nick Akerman Written by Nick Akerman about 1 month ago 3,018 reads 9 comments