1. Watch: Lobaton's Sac-Fly Seals Walk-Off Win

  2. 3 hits already for #Nats this inning vs. Fernandez, including singles from den Dekker and Lobaton. Williams wanted lefties in there tonight.

  3. Taylor played that flyball perfectly, and throw had Rojas beat at the plate ... if it wasn't over Lobaton's head. Tie game.

  4. Gordon does the job. A flyball to Taylor in center and his throw is on line but over Lobaton's head. 4-4 game in the bottom of the 9th.

  5. Lobaton's throw could not have been more on the money. Janssen gets out of top 10th.

  6. The #Marlins intentionally walk @Taylor_Michael3 to load the bases for Lobaton.

  7. After Desmond's groundout & Robinson goes to second, Marlins will IBB Taylor to load the bases with one out to face Lobaton.

  8. Bases loaded, 1 out for Lobaton. Wish the Marlins went with the 5-man infield here. Perfect opportunity to do it.

  9. #Nationals win it in the 10th on Lobaton's sac fly. Throw was there, but Realmuto couldn't come up with the ball.

  10. #Nats win. 5-4 as Werth scores on Lobaton's sac fly. Throw beat him, Realmuto couldn't hold it. Papelbon first to greet him.

  11. WALKOFF!! @JLobaton21's sac fly to left scores Jayson Werth!! #Nats win, 5-4!!! http://t.co/U1WXXHLiMT

  12. Walkoff sac fly for Lobaton. Realmuto can't hold onto the on-target throw. Nats beat Marlins, 5-4, in 10.

  13. And for the first time since late June, the post-game chocolate syrup appears. Scherzer gets Lobaton on the field.

  14. #Nationals 5-4 over #Marlins on walk-off sac fly by Jose Lobaton in the 10th; #Nats 76-71 http://t.co/xzCUXwHvdp http://t.co/bhLj5Jf9eN

  15. WATCH: @JLobaton21 and Jayson Werth send everybody at #Nats Park home: http://t.co/H3jqNK1mlS #WALKOFF

  16. Watchin' it fly at #Nats batting practice. ⚾️ (@JLobaton21 in the cage.) http://t.co/VEPyB9vjZZ

  17. Jose Lobaton has caught more than half of Gio's starts. How he's helped the lefty navigate his ups and downs: http://t.co/dWPes8EsCv

  18. Same lineup as yesterday vs Jimenez: Rendon 2B, Escobar 3B, Harper RF, Werth LF, Robinson 1B, Desmond SS, Taylor CF, Lobaton C, Gonzalez P.

  19. Rendon 2B, Escobar 3B, Harper RF, Werth LF, Robinson 1B, Desmond SS, Taylor CF, Lobaton C, Gio P

  20. Now Gio walks back-to-back hitters, and Lobaton goes to talk to him. From earlier, for a sense of what he's saying: http://t.co/dWPes8EsCv

  21. Wow. Schoop can't pick up the ball. E4. RBI for Lobaton. 2-1 now.

  22. #Nats are on the board!! @BatHoarder, Desmond & @JLobaton21 take advantage of #Orioles miscues to bring home the #Nats first run! 2-1

  23. Clint Robinson scores from third on a bobbled grounder off Jose Lobaton's bat. 2-1 #Orioles over the #Nats in the #Nationals' 4th.

  24. Davis drives that ball into the left field corner and Machado is ruled safe at the plate sliding around Lobaton. Williams doesn't challenge.

  25. No Werth in 1st post-elimination lineup: Taylor CF, Rendon 2B, Harper RF, Escobar 3B, Robinson 1B, Desmond SS, Den Dekker LF, Lobaton C, Gio

  26. Lobaton grounds out to end the fourth. 2-0 Nationals still.

  27. Lobaton doubles Desmond home. 3-2 Nationals. Dan Uggla will pinch hit for Fister.

  28. #Nats lead! @JLobaton21 shoots a double into left field and Desi comes on home! #Nats up, 3-2! #HornsUP! http://t.co/kMmlmdBsFz

  29. Nats take a 3-2 lead on Jose Lobaton's double slapped down the left field line in the 7th. Desmond & den Dekker are each 3 for 3.

  30. WATCH: #DYK? Jose Lobaton has an RBI every 6.95 at-bats this season. http://t.co/6kZM810k6t