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  12. Halftime: Knicks 60, Wizards 55. Good stuff from Carmelo Anthony and Jose Calderon. ...Porzingis is putting in work on defense.

  13. #Knicks say Carmelo Anthony, Jose Calderon, Kyle O'Quinn and Robin Lopez won't play tonight. They'll rest after last night's game.

  14. A reporter just started a question to Jose Calderon with "you're no spring chicken."

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  16. One of the guys on the beat just asked Jose Calderon, "You're no spring chicken ... have you lost a step?"

  17. Jose Calderon referenced the tweet he sent out in the offseason and says that there were teams who were interested in trading for him.

  18. On Jose Calderon's diminishing foot speed, & how the Knicks can get more out of him in Yr 2 https://t.co/yPbMZFThZL https://t.co/tA4nt9nJCb

  19. On Jose's Calderon's decreasing footspeed, & how NYK can get the most out of him this year https://t.co/yPbMZFThZL https://t.co/1pLgzmy5c3

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  24. Fisher expects Jose Calderon, Arron Afflalo, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and Robin Lopez to start tomorrow.

  25. If Jose Calderon had a little more left, I could get really into the Knicks. They are going to be better than people think.

  26. Jose Calderon's shooting is keeping the Knicks in this game.

  27. Knicks rookie PG Jerian Grant is leaning on all of NY's veterans for advice, including Jose Calderon. More here: https://t.co/0mXHPv47Us

  28. This much is certain: Knicks PG Jose Calderon is going to get exposed night after night by most of the points guards in the NBA.

  29. Jose Calderon tries to fend off speedy rookie PG Jerian Grant for starting role https://t.co/3llO8qFS4w

  30. More (extremely) small sample size stuff here, but Knicks are +7 with Jerian Grant on the floor and -4 with Jose Calderon out there tonight.

  31. I get that every Knicks fan has Jerian Grant on the fast track to Springfield but I'm not giving up on Jose Calderon after three games.

  32. It’s not even that Jose Calderon is that bad. It’s that Langston Galloway might be really good.

  33. Starting for New York: PG: Jose Calderon SG: Sasha Vujacic SF: Carmelo Anthony PF: Kristaps Porzingis C: Robin Lopez

  34. Jose Calderon jumper. Roy Hibbert hookshot. Carmelo Anthony three. Lakers trail 5-2 with 9:32 left in first.

  35. Jose Calderon hearing some boos after air-balling a three.

  36. FWIW: the Knicks led, 16-15, when Fisher subbed out starting guards Jose Calderon and Sasha Vujacic in the first quarter.

  37. Derek Fisher says Jose Calderon led the Knicks "in mental toughness" today for playing well following all of the talk about benching him.

  38. Veteran move: Jose Calderon says he doesn't care if he starts, comes off the bench or is the 4th PG. He just wants to help the Knicks win.

  39. Melo, on Calderon: "That's the Jose I like to see."

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  45. At shootaround, Toronto's DeRozan gave props to former mate Calderon for his teachings. Said Galloway's confidence stems from Jose tutelage

  46. Jose Calderon's been getting buckets going to his left https://t.co/71lPtWhKB7 https://t.co/DGoOg8X2lA