1. White Sox: Jose Abreu named co-American League player of week - http://t.co/QgnehUHmTZ #WhiteSoxTalk

  2. Abreu Wants to Improve English, Leadership Role

  3. Tyler Saladino triples with two outs in front of Jose Abreu.

  4. Jose Abreu doubles with two outs to drive in Tyler Saladino. His 96th RBI gives the #WhiteSox a 3-0 lead.

  5. Jose Abreu draws an 11-pitch walk against Justin Verlander. #WhiteSox

  6. Jose Abreu follows that up w/ bad read on Trayce Thompson's fly ball to RCF and is doubled off even though throw in was 20 feet off bag.

  7. Nice running catch by Jacoby Ellsbury to take a double away from Jose Abreu. #WhiteSox

  8. Two on and one out for Jose Abreu after singles from Tyler Flowers and Adam Eaton. #WhiteSox

  9. Jose Abreu has an 0-for-3 right now despite hitting the ball well in all three at-bats. Nice play by Chase Headley saves at least a run.

  10. Adam Eaton singles with one out to bring Jose Abreu up against Andrew Miller. #WhiteSox trail 3-2. Eaton is 3-for-4 with a walk.

  11. Adam Eaton stole second base and scores on Jose Abreu's RBI single to RF. Run No. 94 for Eaton and RBI No. 97 for Abreu. #WhiteSox

  12. Adam Eaton walks, the third issued by Adam Warren, to load the bases for Jose Abreu.

  13. Jose Abreu, who needs a HR and 3 RBIs to become only the 2nd player ever w/ two 30/100 seasons to start a career, Ks to leave 'em loaded.

  14. Jose Abreu commits an error and is limping around a little afterward. Erik Johnson already in a tough spot, two on, no outs.

  15. Jose Abreu kicks the ball around again and now the bases are loaded, no outs.

  16. Jose Abreu has 11 errors this season in 110-plus games. Only committed six last season in 109 games. #WhiteSox

  17. Adam Eaton goes first to third without a throw on Jose Abreu's single to LF. Runners on corners for Melky Cabrera.

  18. Jose Abreu wants to step up leadership role next season. Sun-Times: http://t.co/agJ3vwfL4B http://t.co/iBYc04VYDE

  19. #WhiteSox: Jose Abreu wants to improve English, leadership skills (@CSNHayes): http://t.co/Bmd6dzaVeb #WhiteSoxTalk http://t.co/5D32GxsYnH

  20. Jose Abreu realizes he needs to better grasp English to become more of a leader. Has made it a priority. #WhiteSox http://t.co/4Xx9zf9wgL

  21. Jose Abreu singles in a run and RBI No. 98 gives the #WhiteSox a 1-0 lead, B3.

  22. Jose Abreu with RBI No. 98 on two-out single. Scores Sanchez (walk) and White Sox lead 1-0.

  23. White Sox score a run on a Jose Abreu two-out RBI single. It snaps a streak of 14.0 consecutive scoreless innings by KC starters. #Royals

  24. White Sox: Jose Abreu wants to improve English, leadership skills - http://t.co/fRVfPeR61G #WhiteSoxTalk

  25. Angel Hernandez appears to have missed that one as he ruled Jose Abreu safe at first.

  26. Jose Abreu makes it a 3-2 game with his 30th homer. Needs one RBI for 100. #WhiteSox

  27. Home run No. 30 for Jose Abreu. Royals still lead 3-2, B7.

  28. Jose Abreu has 30 homers, 99 RBI in his second major league season. http://t.co/FImUCwwaoY

  29. Jose Abreu strands the winning run at third so Jose Quintana returns for the ninth. It's tied at 3.

  30. Jose Abreu misplays a grounder into an Eric Hosmer triple. Abreu moved to his left and ball passed him on the right side.

  31. Jose Abreu gets 100th and 101st RBI with two-out single in 7th. He and Pujols only players to get 30 HR, 100 RBI first two seasons.

  32. Jose Abreu is the second player in major league history to ever have two consecutive 30 HR/100 RBI seasons to start his career. (Pujols)

  33. Adam Eaton scored his 97th run on that Jose Abreu's two-run single. Eaton vying to be first #WhiteSox player since 2006 to score 100 runs.

  34. Jose Abreu also established a career high for hits earlier tonight. He is 2-for-4 and has 178 this season. Had 176 last season. #WhiteSox

  35. Take a look at the hit that put Jose Abreu in the history books! #SoxPride https://t.co/43ltJpA0y3

  36. Royals 6, White Sox 4: Jose Abreu hits his numbers http://t.co/MR99I5Le9H http://t.co/tzix1Tlrbr

  37. Jose Abreu will send thank-you text to Pujols for counsel received from 3-time MVP. 'A big honor to see my name along with Albert,' he said

  38. Jose Abreu swings his way into Albert Pujols territory http://t.co/nqxZcVItoD