1. That's 10 of the last 11 batters set down by Jordan Zimmermann. #JZimm has settled in quite nicely.

  2. Zimmermann's Deal Proof of a Changed Market

  3. Tigers Need Heavyweight Like Zimmermann

  4. Verlander Excited for 'Big' Zimmermann Signing

  5. Tigers Wise to Sign J-Zimm Now Before Market Develops

  6. Jordan Zimmermann is through five innings on 70 pitches. Nats are down 2-0. They're 1 for 8 with runners in scoring position.

  7. That slider (got a groundout) could likely have been Zimmermann's last pitch as a Nat. 6 innings, 2 runs. Reed Johnson on deck to pinch hit.

  8. Reed Johnson out to pinch-hit for Jordan Zimmermann here top-7. That might be it for Zimmermann's career as a National.

  9. Report: Tigers, Zimmermann Reach 5-Year/$110M Deal

  10. Cubs' Key Decision: Pursue Price or Zimmermann?

  11. Cubs planning to sit down with the agents for David Price, Zack Greinke and Jordan Zimmermann during this week's GM meetings in Boca Raton.

  12. Reed Johnson will pinch hit for Jordan Zimmermann. #JZimm's 2015 season is complete.

  13. Jordan Zimmermann done after 6 IP tonight. His final numbers with #Nats: 70-49, 3.32 ERA, 178 GS, 1094 IP, 1047 H, 221 BB, 903 K.

  14. The line on Jordan Zimmermann tonight: 6 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 1 BB, 1 K -- 82 pitches, 53 strikes. #JZimm http://t.co/xAJSuBfULc

  15. Early Suitors for Top MLB Free Agents

  16. Zimmermann, Desmond Get QOs; Span Doesn't

  17. Zimmermann No Longer a 'Blank Check' Ace?

  18. Zimmermann would leave as Nats leader in W's (70), IP (1,904), K's (903) & starts (178). In other words, the best starter in Nats history.

  19. #Braves 2, #Nats 0: Jordan Zimmermann's career with the organization likely ends in a loss: http://t.co/kzUJL6O9db

  20. Nationals Roster Review: Jordan Zimmermann

  21. Pending FA Zimmermann Reflects on Nats Career

  22. #Braves 2-0 over #Nationals: Did we just watch Jordan Zimmermann's last start w/ #Nats? http://t.co/TRyaYxO31A http://t.co/fw1cLtEpI2

  23. Zimmermann on (likely) final days here: "Been thinking about it the last days...I've had a great time. We'll see what the offseason brings."

  24. Asked Jordan Zimmermann for his top moments as a National. He gave 3: making the playoffs in '12, pitching in relief in Game 4, & the no-no

  25. Bats unable to lift solid #Zimmermann http://t.co/TOBwrkC5o2 #Nats #Nationals #MLB

  26. This Instagram photo from Nats says it all: Zimmermann & Desmond, who both debuted in '09, hugging tonight. https://t.co/SsWIBjCy2J

  27. Jordan Zimmermann, the best starter in team history, makes (likely) final Nats start. "I'm going to miss these guys." http://t.co/zJQnYKHUxC

  28. #Zimmermann reflects on time with #Nationals http://t.co/SmdC2BBYjQ #Nats #MLB

  29. #Zimmermann reflects on time with #Nationals http://t.co/SmdC2BBYjQ #MLB

  30. Jordan Zimmermann, the best starter in Nats history, makes (likely) final start. "I'm going to miss these guys." http://t.co/zJQnYKHUxC

  31. Baseball is a small world. The box score from Zimmermann's MLB debut: http://t.co/zeQi345fWx Yunel Escobar was the Braves starting SS.

  32. From today's game notes, on just how rare Jordan Zimmermann's elite consistency is. (+ @KyleBrostowitz's fav streak) http://t.co/b2ljc3HUB4

  33. Rizzo was asked about Zimmermann and Desmond. Raved about both. Said he will never close the door to potentially re-signing them

  34. Rizzo on Desmond/Zimmermann: "If this is the last game both guys play for us, I'll remember them fondly as two of my most favorite players."

  35. Message from Jordan Zimmermann via his agent... https://t.co/BKFgSQ9KvK

  36. A statement from Jordan Zimmermann to Nats fans, delivered by his agent. https://t.co/DKgibUyqzO

  37. Jordan Zimmermann, on his time in DC: https://t.co/NdiM0GPkdm

  38. A message from Jordan Zimmermann via his agent: https://t.co/XlV6jvgVBa

  39. Jordan Zimmermann says goodbye: "Nationals fans will always be in my heart." http://t.co/wSuZ94YFj3

  40. If #Nats offer it to Desmond, Zimmermann, Span, Fister, they get 4 draft picks ... unless one of them accepts offer. https://t.co/8Nd5aJQVyK

  41. During reg season, only 1 SP Kd Gonzalez as many as 3 times (Zimmermann, 8/12 #Nationals). deGrom, Syndergaard have done it in DS games 1-2

  42. Gotta think Jordan Zimmermann is going to be high on their list. https://t.co/BpPrBXzFui

  43. Decision time for #Nats on Zimmermann, Desmond, Span and Fister... https://t.co/INqLAwWxW9

  44. #Nationals other obvious team facing fr agt talent drain: Desmond, Fister, Span, Thornton, Zimmermann

  45. Six Nats officially hit free agency: Desmond, Fister, Span, Thornton, Uggla, Zimmermann. Can negotiate with any team starting Saturday.

  46. Deadline for teams to make qualifying offers is today. Desmond, Fister, Span, Zimmermann are the Nats who may (or may not) receive them.

  47. Nats say they've extended qualifying offers to Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond. Denard Span doesn't get one.

  48. Nationals extended qualifying offers to Jordan Zimmermann and Ian Desmond. Takeaway: Nationals did not give QOs to Span or Fister.

  49. #Nats announce they've extended qualifying offers to Zimmermann and Desmond. Span and Fister don't get them.

  50. What that means: #Nats will get draft pick compensation if/when Zimmermann and Desmond sign elsewhere. Won't get it for other free agents.