1. The Jordan Hill ahead of Myles Turner experiment needs to be buried under the grave.

  2. With both C.J. Miles and Ian Mahinmi out tonight, Coach Vogel said, "We'll start Lavoy [Allen] and Jordan Hill."

  3. Hill Plays Major X-factor Role in Pacers' 1st Win

  4. How Is the Pacers' Small-ball Experiment Going?

  5. DT Jordan Hill has a quad injury and is not expected to return. #SEAvsCIN

  6. Jordan Hill being bad at basketball is gonna help, too. https://t.co/Yh53kF6CCU

  7. Jordan Hill, shot maker.

  8. With Solo perhaps not getting his option picked up and Jordan on a one-year deal, Indy's 2016-17 season could be a headed down Hill fast.

  9. PG-13's Return, Big Man Woes & Bleached Hair: 2015-16 Pacers Preview

  10. Ian Mahinmi out for the game. That's bad for obvious and Jordan Hill reasons. But let's hope Vogel gives Myles 35 minutes.

  11. Keep tryna tell you guys that Jordan Hill is just what this team needed ...

  12. Jordan Hill has scored 6 of his 8 points here in the early minutes of the 3rd quarter. IND 70, DET 53 with 9:12 left in Q3

  13. KCP just ended Jordan Hill's entire lineage and record of existence. OH MY.

  14. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope DESTROYS Jordan Hill https://t.co/WiFFZSSBYF https://t.co/L9bqqrAsoL

  15. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope DESTROYS Jordan Hill https://t.co/9b8otjo1pZ #pacers

  16. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Dunks All Over Jordan Hill https://t.co/WiFFZSB0A5 #pacers https://t.co/aoGlBL0yKc

  17. Tonight's #Pacers starters: George Hill Monta Ellis Paul George Lavoy Allen Jordan Hill https://t.co/oPQf9uZVjK

  18. Jordan Hill will have a hard time making a better play this year

  19. Jordan Hill would break all of Dennis Rodman's records if every possession was the final possession of the half. Just got ORB, scored AGAIN.

  20. Monta missed that but his tenacity to the cup made 3 guys guard him and left Jordan Hill undeterred for the tip in.

  21. A double-double tonight from Jordan Hill, who currently has 10 points and 10 rebounds.

  22. Jordan Hill been great the past two games.

  23. Actively Helpful: Jordan Hill Steps His Game Up https://t.co/FXllInfoXo #pacers

  24. Could Jordan Hill Actually be a Key to the Pacers Success? https://t.co/OU2u2dnD7G #pacers

  25. Jordan Hill Is Stepping His Game Up https://t.co/EflvM5gst5 https://t.co/UDVzS2tvr2

  26. Monta Ellis bounces it in the lane to Jordan Hill for the slam. On the radio broadcast, Slick Leonard says, "That was a dandy."

  27. Jordan Hill hustle?

  28. Jordan Hill with the putback! That's 10pts/10rebs from him. #HickoryPacers 88, Heat 84 with 34 seconds left

  29. Jordan Hill's shot is off, but Glenn Robinson III pulls down the offensive rebound! He's fouled and will go to the line.

  30. Jordan Hill, who finished with 10 points, 10 rebounds: "I just wanna go out there and do the little things that sometimes people don't see."

  31. Today’s #Pacers starters against the @cavs: Monta Ellis George Hill Paul George Jordan Hill Ian Mahinmi

  32. Jordan Hill with a $20 million move to shake his defender and then nearly airballs the uncontested finish from 1 foot. Microcosm of his life

  33. Agree with Quinn in theory there that it's hard for that to be a foul on Jordan Hill but it's also Jordan Hill.

  34. So far, Frank Vogel is sticking with Jordan Hill & Lavoy Allen over Ian Mahinmi & Myles Turner.

  35. Wow, great move Jordan Hill...until he let go of the ball. Ugh

  36. Jordan Hill, ladies and gentleman.

  37. Jordan Hill has had three straight games with 10+ rebounds. He'll look for a fourth tonight against the Magic. https://t.co/KUGbq4pPK3

  38. Jordan Hill already one of the most frustrating players to watch in Pacers history. Some great moves, sometimes wondering if he knows rules

  39. Jordan Hill also already getting a lot of Jeff Foster signature ORBs in which you say "GREAT BOARD" then watch him nearly airball a layup.

  40. Frank Vogel says Jordan Hill will be the backup center moving forward with Myles Turner out.