1. Rizzo in statement: "behavior exhibited by Papelbon yesterday is not acceptable."

  2. Report: Papelbon, Storen 'Likely' to Be Traded

  3. Report: Bryce Reached Out to Pap

  4. Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive on Nats' Meltdown

  5. Williams: Papelbon Was Brought in to Help Win

  6. Papelbon will also serve his three-game suspension for trying to hit Manny Machado. #Nats #Nationals

  7. In statement, Mike Rizzo says Papelbon's actions are "not acceptable. ... The Nationals organization will not tolerate it in any way."

  8. Rizzo called Papelbon's actions unacceptable in written statement: "the Nationals organization will not tolerate it in any way."

  9. Columnist Believes Harper Deserved to Be Choked

  10. Nats Remove Papelbon Jerseys After Harper Dust-Up

  11. Nats GM: Fates of Williams, Papelbon Addressed in Offseason

  12. #Nats' GM Mike Rizzo in press release on decision to suspend #Nationals' closer Jonathan Papelbon for four games... http://t.co/nQR9nYqlwZ

  13. Nats GM Mike Rizzo makes right call in suspending Papelbon without pay for remainder of season. He should then trade him in off-season.

  14. #Nats suspend Jonathan Papelbon for 4 games after altercation w/ Bryce Harper #Nationals http://t.co/gUazp3FSnR http://t.co/FlNkKTwMw7

  15. Harper Benched for Role in Papelbon Brawl

  16. Nats Suspend Papelbon for Rest of Season

  17. Harper, Pap Escape Williams' Wrath

  18. Williams said Harper "played a part" in the incident, said something to Papelbon, and so will sit today.

  19. Williams said Harper isn't in lineup today "for his part" in the dugout incident (ie. what he said to Papelbon just before fight).

  20. Williams on Papelbon's role with Nats next year: "As it sits right now, Jonathan's part of that." Says Nats will have to move past this.

  21. Harper-Papelbon Fight Shows Nats in Total Turmoil

  22. Harper on Brawl with Papelbon: 'Like Brothers Fighting'

  23. Nationals' Harper, Papelbon in Dugout Fight in Loss to Phils

  24. MW again said he wouldn't have let Papelbon pitch 9th had he seen video. Admitted fault for not asking coaches/players more about fight.

  25. Williams says he should've asked what exactly happened and pulled Papelbon. "I take responsibility for that. I could've gotten more info."

  26. Bryce Harper has held out of Monday's game because of the fight with Papelbon. Harper has not been suspended. #Nats ##MLB

  27. Video: Papelbon, Harper Brawl in Dugout

  28. Papelbon Suspended for Throwing at Machado

  29. Machado Rips Papelbon for HBP: 'That's Coward Stuff'

  30. Papelbon likely won't make final road trip with team but Williams will speak to him about all of it. Will address 2016 status later.

  31. Papelbon is not with the team, and likely will not be the rest of the season.

  32. I'm sorry. Bryce Harper did nothing wrong. Papelbon grabbed Harper's neck. What do you want Harper to do? My opinion. #Nats #MLB #Nationals

  33. Bryce Harper is being kept out of lineup today for his role in Papelbon fight, #Nats manager Matt Williams announces

  34. Williams says Papelbon isn't here today because of MLB suspension, & he doesn't expect Pap to join Nats at any point the rest of the season.

  35. Dan Uggla will start at second for Nationals on day they suspend closer Jonathan Papelbon for year. This sentence unimaginable two years ago

  36. #Nats suspend #Papelbon 4 games for altercation http://t.co/FtZMhn9VwH #Nationals MLB

  37. #Nats 5, #Reds 1: Scherzer carries no-hitter into 8th. Now back to reality: Rizzo speaking in moments on Papelbon: http://t.co/1y73rVxVbN

  38. Rizzo on Williams leaving Papelbon in for the 9th: "He made a mistake. He owned up to it."

  39. Rizzo said it was odd Papelbon pitched 9th after fight but MW owned up to mistake. That no one told him? "Plenty of mistakes going on."

  40. Rizzo on if Harper deserved call-out for effort: "He did not deserve it in my personal opinion, but in Jonathan Papelbon's opinion he did."

  41. Nats GM: Fates of Matt Williams, Papelbon to be addressed in offseason http://t.co/OV73y11rzq http://t.co/rRQ8YCB9pV

  42. Here's most of what Rizzo had to say this evening about the punishments for Papelbon and Harper: http://t.co/Vc39oobSef

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  49. With no Drew Storen & Jonathan Papelbon, Nats will use Felipe Rivero in 8th, likely setting up for Matt Thornton in 9th with a 3-0 lead.

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  53. #Nationals' 2016 Bullpen: Jonathan Papelbon and Drew Storen both back w/ #Nats in 2016? https://t.co/IJtyKZqKI4 https://t.co/LwOpdGXOKU

  54. ...also from yesterday. (For reference, Papelbon wore a Mississippi State shirt in the locker room almost every day) https://t.co/4c0osDZJlV

  55. Mike Rizzo said no GM has inquired this week on trade availability of Stephen Strasburg -- but he's heard from teams on Papelbon and Storen.