1. New: Jonas Valanciunas leaves game with apparent left wrist injury - https://t.co/KKYq4rDy5I https://t.co/BbzAAcNP56

  2. Valanciunas' Broken Finger Puts Raptors in Scramble Mode

  3. Report: Valanciunas Could Miss 6 Weeks

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  5. Westbrook Dramatically Flops vs. Raptors' Valanciunas

  6. Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas fractured the fourth metacarpal of his left hand. He will not return.

  7. X-rays on Jonas Valanciunas' left hand revealed a fracture of the fourth metacarpal. He is out and expected to undergo further tests. #rtz

  8. There you have it. Fractured left (non-shooting) hand for Valanciunas. https://t.co/zMkdfirxxj

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  12. Jonas Valanciunas has left the game and will not return. X-Rays show he has a fracture of the fourth metacarpal in his left hand.

  13. Toronto's Jonas Valanciunas is out for the game after x-rays showed he has a fracture in his left hand

  14. Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas suffers fracture in hand against Lakers https://t.co/s59kf6Jo33 https://t.co/1Ms14wWk8Q

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  17. Raptors Agree to Contract Extension with Valanciunas

  18. Valanciunas missed 18 games as rookie (2012-13) with a similar injury but to his other (right/shooting) hand

  19. Raptors needed a W tonight and, despite a rough first half, they got it. But concern is Valanciunas' injury. Won't be easy to replace.

  20. Raptors snap 3-game losing skid, lose Valanciunas in the process. Quick React & player grades - https://t.co/3JUYhQQWl5

  21. Report: Raptors, Jonas Valanciunas Agree to Deal

  22. Toronto center Jonas Valanciunas has agreed to a four-year, $64M extension, league sources tell Yahoo. Deal could escalate to $70M

  23. Report: Valanciunas, Raptors Finalizing 4-Year Extension

  24. Jonas Valanciunas exits game vs. Lakers with hand injury https://t.co/C8Jx9msWH8

  25. Raptors beat Lakers, but lose Valanciunas. MORE: https://t.co/PA2fd3zU6x https://t.co/7vDRjR10jP

  26. My quick @TSN_Sports hit on Valanciunas' injury and who the Raptors might turn to in his absence: https://t.co/yljP0ASHJ6

  27. Report: Raptors, Valanciunas Finalizing $60M Extension

  28. ESPN sources say Jonas Valanciunas has indeed taken brief leave from Lithuanian NT to return to Toronto to firm up extension with Raptors

  29. Raptors Offering Extension to Valanciunas?

  30. Raptors’ Jonas Valanciunas fractures hand in win over Lakers https://t.co/vjxp5634xD

  31. Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas suffered a broken bone in his left hand during Friday's game. https://t.co/ytvKtSNoeW

  32. Valanciunas Tweaks Hip Playing for Lithuania

  33. Valanciunas' Development Will Make or Break Raptors

  34. New: Valanciunas injury a call for lineup creativity - https://t.co/hhGsSyXWP1 https://t.co/LFdOAZQIum

  35. A small post-game update on Valanciunas' injury and the Raptors' options at C: https://t.co/g4KRvoVmXa https://t.co/ZuMXUaDwZ9

  36. Jonas Valanciunas Has Fractured Bone in Left Hand https://t.co/bkzXe5lyvK https://t.co/8LTabsAouW

  37. Three Man Weave: How do Raptors fill Valanciunas void? More: https://t.co/ICpUSXtUaU https://t.co/G2DeBgYDV6

  38. Jonas Valanciunas injured in #Raptors win against Lakers: https://t.co/bH3QnKDixS

  39. #1On1 with Will & Duane: Valanciunas' injury impact. VIDEO: https://t.co/LIsCKtNwmw https://t.co/iEi8YhEzCB

  40. Yahoo Sources: Toronto center Jonas Valanciunas makes decision on whether to undergo surgery on hand fracture. https://t.co/62DhfJWWPq

  41. Report: Valanciunas to rehab left hand injury. VIDEO: https://t.co/L7SHf8EAB5 https://t.co/1sggvzc0F5

  42. Even with Valanciunas opting for rehab instead of surgery, as @ShamsCharania reports, he should still miss extended time. Still no timetable

  43. Valanciunas has missed just 3 games over the last 2 years. Raptors are 3-0 in those games, 12-11 without JV since he was drafted (3 seasons)

  44. New: Report: Jonas Valanciunas Opts for Rehab Over Surgery; @c_hayes44 is out there - https://t.co/HcN81Y7lFD https://t.co/f0N3HbM1ik

  45. Raptors are a +76 in 382 minutes with Valanciunas on the floor this season, second only to Lowry's +81 (in 494 minutes)

  46. Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas reportedly elects rehab over surgery on fractured hand. https://t.co/z6n0fAG2tN https://t.co/7Eekomc1uK

  47. Report: Jonas Valanciunas won’t have surgery on fractured hand https://t.co/qT6uzsytGj

  48. Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas will reportedly not have surgery on his fractured left hand https://t.co/KdzSKQHOod https://t.co/up8AmJnYcv

  49. Updated Yahoo story: Timetable emerges on Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas' return from a hand fracture. https://t.co/62DhfKeye0

  50. New: Report: Valanciunas to miss 6 weeks - https://t.co/N4Wi2Et6Cj https://t.co/SnBIcLUQNA

  51. Jonas Valanciunas will be sidelined for about six weeks. Per @ShamsCharania. https://t.co/KYeHGpKj4J https://t.co/0nBfKkI9tE

  52. Report: Raptors’ center Jonas Valanciunas out six weeks with fractured hand https://t.co/KRIKLnq8rf

  53. Biyombo will start today in place of Valanciunas. #rtz

  54. Bismack Biyombo will get the start in place of the injured Valanciunas. But it's going to be replacement by committee according to Casey.

  55. Bismack Biyombo gets the start today at the Clippers. Valanciunas will not need surgery on his injured hand. #rtz

  56. Oh, and no surgery for Valanciunas, he'll be out maybe 6 weeks, maybe less, maybe more. Anyone who says for sure is lying or guessing