1. Another benefit of Johnny Cueto's performance in Game 2: Kris Medlen is awfully well-rested if this gets any worse for Ventura.

  2. Cueto Would Be No-Doubt Ace Again for Giants

  3. Early Suitors for Top MLB Free Agents

  4. Reporter Confuses Cueto's Brother for Him

  5. KC Bullpen Was Rooting Hard for Cueto CG

  6. Cueto pitched a CG on Wednesday, so KC's bullpen is well rested for this game.

  7. Jason LaRue still feels the effects of being kicked in the head by Johnny Cueto, writes Benjamin Hochman. https://t.co/yFTmoVgkdg

  8. Royals plan on adding starting pitcher, have "no hope" of re-signing Johnny Cueto: https://t.co/YtLWeRFUj6 https://t.co/6hvRiR1LZE

  9. Strong Start by Cueto Can Put Royals in Driver's Seat

  10. In KC, Cueto Is an Enigma, in Cincinnati He's a Legend

  11. Can You Spot the Real Johnny Cueto?

  12. Cueto on whether he could pitch on 3 days rest Sunday if Volquez can't: "I’m always ready. If they want to give me the ball, I’ll take it.’’

  13. Note to Johnny Cueto: Don't shave after you come out of Game 6 with the lead.

  14. The Royals won't pursue Cueto, but they do hope to re-sign Gordon and Zobrist, plus news of Cuba relations and more https://t.co/ldaRfXAp20

  15. Volquez: Cueto Thought Blue Jays Stole Signs

  16. Tulowitzki, Blue Jays Knock Out Cueto in 3rd Inning

  17. #Royals have many Series MVP candidates: Moustakas, Perez, Davis and Volquez, depending on Game 5 outing. (Could be Cueto if it goes 6.)

  18. Pitches thrown: Arrieta (3,742), Keuchel (3,730), Price (3,723), Volquez (3,662), Cueto (3,653). deGRom 12th (3,396), Harvey 37th (3,072)

  19. Royals “already know they will not be trying to retain Johnny Cueto” https://t.co/ce96E9XwLB

  20. So Good in ALDS, Cueto Gets Call for Game 3

  21. How the Bemoaned Johnny Cueto Willed Royals to ALCS

  22. Royals to open ALCS with Edinson Volquez followed by Yordano Ventura and Johnny Cueto versus #BlueJays.

  23. Cueto's gone, but #Royals will try to keep Gordon. https://t.co/IjKMVgNadO

  24. Not to be a bummer, but Johnny Cueto, Ben Zobrist, Chris Young, Ryan Madson, and Franklin Moralres can become free agents today.

  25. David Price, Chris Davis and Johnny Cueto headline the list of 139 eligible free agents. https://t.co/lmJdq4is4j https://t.co/9w6XvaFbrZ

  26. Biggest Takeaways from ALDS, NLDS Action

  27. Cueto Finally Validates Royals' Investment

  28. Cueto 1st AL P Since '56 to Retire Final 19 Batters in Playoffs

  29. MLB free agency: Price, Heyward, Cueto among 139 players to become free agents Monday https://t.co/B4wJncfBWa https://t.co/1gh4qrzHLv

  30. In other words, be wary of rumors, even if it makes sense they'll check on Zimmermann, Greinke, Cueto et al. #sfgiants

  31. Cueto Declined to Pitch on 3 Days Rest

  32. Grantland: What's Up with These Faltering Stars?

  33. Price, Cueto, Zimmermann, Samardzija top free agent pitchers as offseason market open: https://t.co/e0njuXv0cz https://t.co/1AY1BoFTeh

  34. Re: Dusty Baker: 22-year-old Johnny Cueto arrived in Baker's 1st season in Cincy. Baker handled him well and he developed into an ace.

  35. Cueto Pitches into 8th, Shows Signs of Ending Woes

  36. Royals' World Series Hopes Rest on Johnny Cueto

  37. Greinke might be worth risk because he'll have ways to win when heater drops to 91 mph. Will Price? Zimmermann? Cueto? GM must answer this.

  38. Free Agents on Bill James '15 Starters ranking:Greinke 2, Price 6; Cueto 14, Lackey 16, J. Zimmerman 17, Chen 29, Iwakuma 32, Leake 36...

  39. GM Moore on Struggling Cueto: Just Have Fun

  40. MLB Stars Contending Teams Can No Longer Count On

  41. Predict 5/$90M for Gordo, 3/$42M for Zobrist, 6/$132M for Cueto, 2/$12M for Young. https://t.co/L7KVW6lBw9

  42. Taking Stock of Potential Cubs Free Agent Targets: Johnny Cueto https://t.co/POjSF1icKw #Cubs https://t.co/phUlJGP0Bf

  43. Better chance the Royals re-sign Cueto, Gordon and Zobrist. https://t.co/3KkdBLFxl6

  44. ICYMI, Taking Stock of Potential Cubs Free Agent Targets: Johnny Cueto https://t.co/POjSF1icKw #Cubs https://t.co/oPwpUSAHkb

  45. Earlier: Taking Stock of Potential Cubs Free Agent Targets: Johnny Cueto https://t.co/POjSF1icKw #Cubs

  46. The Royals made a Qualfying Offer to Gordon. Minimum amount is $15.8 million. They cannot make QO to Cueto or Zobrist, traded mid-season.

  47. #Royals KC Royals: Johnny Cueto Ruled WS Game 2 Despite Tight Strike Zone: KC Royals pitcher Johnny Cueto held... https://t.co/3DatkM4ZU7

  48. We just talked to Dayton and Ned for 30 minutes and Johnny Cueto's name didnt come up once. #Royals

  49. Has Gordon to Royals, Zobrist to Yankees, Cueto to Red Sox, JA Happ and Mike Pelfrey to Royals https://t.co/LRLkKLRrzk

  50. Will Cueto be the new ace in Boston? Top 50 free agents with team and contract predictions: https://t.co/1xgg3SutOL https://t.co/YEC4V3fUK2

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  52. Heyward to Yankees? Cueto to Boston? Top 50 free agents with team and contract predictions: https://t.co/1xgg3SutOL https://t.co/jnoqKtxotF

  53. #FrontOffice guests this morning include: Alex Anthopoulos,Walt Jockey, Chris Antonetti and Byrce Dixon (Johnny Cueto agent) Sirius 209 XM89

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  55. Various Free Agent Predictions for the Cubs: Price, Span, Fowler, Cueto, Lackey, Upton https://t.co/lRMoFXApKa #Cubs https://t.co/1TzTQUAXj8

  56. Top 10 FA: https://t.co/oM0AB9MVNK 1. Price 2. Greinke 3. Davis 4. Heyward 5. Upton 6. Gordon 7. Cueto 8. Cespedes 9. Zobrist 10. Wieters

  57. #Royals officials privately more optimistic about keeping Ben Zobrist than teams' other big free agents -- Gordon or Cueto.

  58. Predicts 6/$132M for Cueto, 5/$90M for Gordo, 3/$48M for Zobrist. https://t.co/dPRfsrnfeH

  59. Walt Jocketty on Johnny Cueto: "He's a good gamble -- as good as any pitcher when they've turned 30."

  60. Cueto and Stroman and then R.A. Dickey’s gotta get a mohawk or something. https://t.co/yYleFQf6Op https://t.co/K8Dy9lqxdP