1. John Wall Shows Kyrie Irving He's Top PG in East and Other Friday NBA Takeaways

    In August, Team USA opted to take Kyrie Irving to the FIBA World Cup instead of John Wall . After the Washington Wizards ' 91-78 win against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night, it appears the Kentucky product may not have forgotten about it..

    Stephen Babb Written by Stephen Babb about 2 days ago 53,537 reads 224 comments

  2. There Is No Comparing John Wall and Kyrie Irving Anymore

    Sometimes even the greatest of NBA disputes are terminated in an instant, bringing an end to warring parallels that tirelessly hoard headlines and dominate discussions for years...

    Dan Favale Written by Dan Favale about 4 days ago 66,698 reads 204 comments

  3. Overhyped or Real Deal: Grading the Top Pro Sports Stars Under 25

    The sports world is filled with talented up-and-comers and members of the media love nothing more than obsessing over their every move. At our best, we heap praise and expectations upon future standouts, athletes who truly are the real deal...

    Scott Janovitz Written by Scott Janovitz about 12 days ago 17,969 reads 62 comments

  4. What's Driving Washington Wizards' Early Season Success?

    The Washington Wizards , despite losing to the Toronto Raptors on Friday, are off to a 4-2 start this season. But what is behind this hot start? I believe that the driving force is the improved all-around play of point guard John Wall ...

    James McNeill Written by James McNeill about 16 days ago 802 reads 2 comments

  5. Behind the Scenes for John Wall's First Signature Shoe Commercial

    John Wall now has a signature shoe—the J Wall 1. He recently starred in a hilarious Foot Locker commercial that imagines what his career would be like if it took a dark direction...

    Lance Fresh Written by Lance Fresh about 27 days ago 30,909 reads 10 comments