1. Next stop on my night out in Liverpool! @deulofeu27 and Seamus

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  8. Jack Grealish filmed enjoying boozy night out after Aston Villa's 4-0 defeat by Everton while friends appear t... https://t.co/XoqGgYJzuz

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  13. Everton relying on partnership with Liverpool City council for new Walton Hall Park stadium https://t.co/9xJF9LSMhi https://t.co/wrkSX1AdJA

  14. GM: Investment, new stadium & why Elstone was 'disappointed' with some shareholders https://t.co/XBLGjqQJJh https://t.co/7c3IVUXmO1

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  26. Still time to enter this prize draw ahead of today's #12Shades2 launch and signing event! #EFC https://t.co/MJYPmxpjiz

  27. Premier League Player Rankings

  28. Why Smalling Is Ideal Reference Point for Stones

  29. Stones 'Should Be Ready' to Face Man Utd

  30. Jack Grealish caught on camera enjoying boozy night out after Aston Villa’s loss to Everton https://t.co/F4ccbCsvNx https://t.co/5tXy6VKrs4

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  51. This man covered more ground than any other footballer last Saturday - & played a bit too! https://t.co/SQ1ry12Pvr https://t.co/xM3jXctcJS

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  55. It would appear that Seamus Coleman quite enjoys playing with Gerard Deulofeu! There's more from the Irishman on his teammate at evertonfc.com

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