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Scott Suspended 7 Games for Hit on Eriksson

By Donald Wood (Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

over 1 year ago

From Bill Hoppe of The Olean Times-Herald: #Sabres John Scott isn't appealing his seven-game suspension. —... Read More »



Fisticuffs of Fury: NHL's Top 15 Beatdowns So Far This Season

by Todd Boldizsar

You don't watch hockey for the tremendous amount of goals scored each game, but how can you not enjoy watching two guys drop gloves and exchange blows? The 2010-11 season is in full swing in the NHL, pun intended...



Chicago Blackhawks 2010-2011 Roster, Part II: The Defensemen

by Bryan Dietzler

The Blackhawks had a good group of defensemen last year during their drive to the Stanley Cup and the good news is that most of them are returning this year to help the Hawks make another run at the Cup...