1. If Games 4/5 are close, is John Gibbons going to use rookie Aaron Sanchez back-to-back-to-back? Already thrown in 7 of 8 Jays playoff games.

  2. Inside the 48 Hours That Transformed the Jays

  3. What did Liam Hendriks do to you, John Gibbons. What did he do!? https://t.co/qDcmZxaihk

  4. Watch LIVE as Blue Jays manager John Gibbons and Royals manger Ned Yost talk Game 3: https://t.co/ANGUnXz0V5 https://t.co/ldaT3nuJux

  5. John Gibbons relying heavily on #BlueJays relief trio of Aaron Sanchez, Roberto Osuna and Mark Lowe: https://t.co/1xX8qRNk6t

  6. Toronto OF Ben Revere "jarred his back" running the bases Monday night, said Blue Jays manager John Gibbons, but... https://t.co/B0hZg01Z28

  7. do you think john gibbons will have to explain himself if he pulls r.a. dickey before he pitches five innings today?

  8. Live video of John Gibbons handing the ball to Liam Hendriks in relief: #TheCrocodile https://t.co/pLEW0AnEDw

  9. And Alex Gordon is hit by a pitch. Here comes John Gibbons.

  10. John Gibbons said Aaron Loup has returned home to deal with family medical matter. Was unavailable. #BlueJays #MLB #Royals #ALCS

  11. John Gibbons says David Price available if needed today, as are Sanchez, Osuna, even RA Dickey. #BlueJays

  12. John Gibbons said Liam Hendriks isn’t available after facing 12 batters in a record-setting performance yesterday. https://t.co/qsazSX463I

  13. John Gibbons just told us he plans on using Price today and if he does Stroman will come back on 3 days rest for... https://t.co/aBNJFGEYxd

  14. I guess, for John Gibbons, The Price Is Ri—…no, I just can’t. #BlueJays https://t.co/lpgOelsLBY

  15. John Gibbons said David Price is "definitely" available out of the bullpen. So Estrada has a chance to both win Game 5 and help win Game 6.

  16. The goal is to win the series. If he brings in Price, John Gibbons would be managing to win Game 5.

  17. And here's John Gibbons out to get Estrada. Thunderous applause and fist bumps all around in the dugout. #BlueJays

  18. Blue Jays manager John Gibbons on Marco Estrada's Game 5 win: 'Tonight was his night' https://t.co/682oNTGFYa https://t.co/npdfDfh6EO

  19. Tonight was Marco Estrada’s night in Game 5 win, Blue Jays manager John Gibbons says https://t.co/fVFqz8lNls https://t.co/90OSjIOs4K

  20. John Gibbons, when he doesn’t know how to answer a question: https://t.co/RaawMlY5lg https://t.co/iHpxdt3YYe

  21. John Gibbons says Aaron Loup back and available. Mark Lowe and Liam Hendriks also available.

  22. John Gibbons says Marcus Stroman unlikely to pitch today unless they have to burn through pitchers early, or game goes very long.

  23. With David Price on the mound and a refreshed bullpen, John Gibbons feeling good ahead of ALCS Game 6: https://t.co/T3l5zEG3iC #BlueJays

  24. John Gibbons asking HP umpire Jeff Nelson if that ball should be a double due to fan reaching over fence. #BlueJays #MLB #Royals #ALCS

  25. With #BlueJays facing elimination (again), John Gibbons remains unflappable in the whirlwind. My story: https://t.co/Vuak4x7U5O

  26. Consensus so far seems to be for Escobar with Zobrist a close 2nd. Also got votes for Davis, the bearded dude, and John Gibbons.

  27. The vitriol directed at John Gibbons...Look at what's going on in the other dugout. #BlueJays #MLB #Royals #ALCS

  28. Wade Davis coming in after Jose Bautista homer and EE walk. And #BlueJays fans roast John Gibbons

  29. “Sorry fer spittin’ on ya there, Kenny, uhh” John Gibbons is a gift to the world.

  30. John Gibbons is the anti Popovich

  31. John Gibbons, sabermetric darling: He's using his best reliever in the biggest spot.

  32. Covered John Gibbons/Don Wakamatsu as managers. Two good men. Sorry Gibbons lost, hope this gets Wak another shot as mgr. #Royals #BlueJays

  33. Manager John Gibbons talks with @Ken_Rosenthal after the @BlueJays were eliminated from the #postseason https://t.co/shnBItH10d

  34. ICYMI, my story on John Gibbons, who remained calm as the whirlwind swirled: https://t.co/ymdTLrbUEk #BlueJays https://t.co/jK3q3LUoK4

  35. AA on John Gibbons... "I thought he did a tremendous job bringing this team together"

  36. AA: "You guys know how I feel about John Gibbons overall ... but I don't think it's my place to comment any further than that."

  37. Expectation is John gibbons will return as manager of Jays. Has 1 year left on contract.

  38. So how long before we address the real solution to this mess: General Manager-Manager John Gibbons. #BlueJays

  39. Mark Shapiro says "John Gibbons will be back to manage this team next year." #BlueJays

  40. John Gibbons will manage Blue Jays in 2016, Shapiro confirms.