1. March Madness 2015: Bracket Predictions, Odds Tips for Elite 8 Schedule Saturday

    March Madness has brought us some entertaining and memorable matchups . Who'll soon forget R.J. Hunter's made three-pointer with 2...

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  2. Why Gonzaga Poses the Biggest Threat to Kentucky's Title March

    For over four months, the college basketball world has thrown answers at a problem that may have no solution...

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  3. Would Kentucky's Backups Be a Dominant NCAA Tournament Team?

    The talent of Kentucky's 2014-15 men's team is perhaps unrivaled in the history of college basketball. But what separates this Wildcats squad from the scores of other tournament rosters is its lengthy wealth of bench talent...

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  4. Larry Brown Says Kentucky Would Make NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs

    There has been some debate this year as to whether Kentucky could beat an NBA team. SMU head coach Larry Brown, who is preparing for the NCAA tournament, took things a bit further by saying the Wildcats could be a playoff team in the Eastern Conference.

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  5. Kentucky vs. Florida: Best Social Reactions to Wildcats' Win over Gators

    The Kentucky Wildcats defeated the Florida Gators, 64-49, Friday to reach the semifinals of the 2015 SEC tournament. The Big Blue Nation was able to overcome last year’s defending champions in Nashville and stay a perfect 32-0 on the season...

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