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  6. That was a 13-pitch walk, for those keeping track at home #Reds #Votto

  7. Joey Votto with 13 pitch walk. #Vottomatic

  8. I think I have it, but someone may check my math — Harper finishes with an OBP of .4602, just ahead of Votto’s .459 #Reds

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  12. Joey Votto named Reds’ nominee for 2015 Hank Aaron Award. Vote Votto now thru October 11 at http://t.co/tZFFdkL3XC http://t.co/0jJiHUpkzB

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  26. Votto is lone #reds player as finalist for Players Choice Award. Up for NL Comeback Player against Harvey and CarGo

  27. Could the #Reds trade Phillips, Votto? Not likely, but not impossible. https://t.co/HxpoFY0wj9

  28. #Mets Matt Harvey named Comeback Player of the year by MLB Players over #Reds’ Joey Votto. Voting was in September, FWIW

  29. Congratulations go out to Joey Votto, named a finalist for NL BBWAA #MVP Award! https://t.co/koF4z2NYND

  30. Now on twitter: people who didn't realize how great of a year Joey Votto had at the plate #Reds

  31. Joey Votto named finalist for BBWAA National League MVP https://t.co/nYsjZ7Uh2n https://t.co/1SgcPZdmOU

  32. Votto not mentioned. Figures to still be there when Reds ready to contend again. But I’d love to see him dealt. https://t.co/5A51xUtaoW

  33. Votto up for NL MVP after torrid second half for #reds https://t.co/Qv7RHtBJHr

  34. More on #Reds: Team will be open-minded on offers for Frazier; Votto, Phillips both have full no-trade protection. More difficult to move.

  35. From Tuesday: Votto a NL MVP finalist https://t.co/Qv7RHtBJHr #reds

  36. #reds scout Jeff Barton, who was involved with signings of Votto, Stephenson, and Trevor Hoffman, died at age of 50 https://t.co/wjSEhgqryH

  37. Joey Votto was 2nd that year #Reds https://t.co/adPAxpYmrR

  38. Harper is a clear favorite for NL MVP, but here are some reasons Votto is a finalist. https://t.co/EYeO6SAIIA #reds

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  40. MVP winners announced tonight at 6pmE. Votto definitely made a case during the 2nd half: https://t.co/oDRNhiEwSr https://t.co/fKyBihLF13

  41. The NL MVP is Bryce Harper. Unanimous winner. Votto was third. #reds

  42. Congrats to @Bharper3407 on winning NL MVP. And congratulations again to Joey Votto on his amazing season. https://t.co/KsOp0QaaMM

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