Reds' Best Minor League Trade Chips

By Tyler Grote (Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

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    Injury Updates from Around MLB

    by Will Carroll

    I feel a bit more optimistic about injuries than I have in a while. I showed you the Motus Sleeve last week, but that's hardly the only new thing coming into baseball to try to help in the ba... Read More »

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    Reds Officially Place Votto on DL

    by Matt Fitzgerald

    Updates from Sunday, July 20 ESPN's Jim Bowden provides a synopsis of Reds general manager Walt Jocketty discussing the updated timetable for Joey Votto 's potential return: Earlier this... Read More »

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    Reds and the Tangible Joey Votto Effect

    by Tyler Grote

    If you're a Cincinnati Reds fan, you're most assuredly concerned about this team's ability, or inability of late, to produce runs. A quick look at the MLB offensive rankings confirms as much... Read More »

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    Cincinnati Reds: Week 9 Player Power Rankings

    by Tyler Grote

    A rough trip to Los Angeles, a rebound in the desert. The Cincinnati Reds had another "players-only" meeting, and as of today, despite being three games beneath .500, the Reds sit 7... Read More »

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    Do Not Blow Up the 2014 Reds

    by Tyler Grote

    At five games beneath the .500 mark, on May 29, with 111 games left on the schedule, there is increasingly popular talk aimed at blowing up the 2014 Reds ... Read More »