1. To clarify original tweet: Maddon was 2x AL manager of year with #Rays because Rays play in the AL

  2. My favorite photo of Maddon from the season was seeing him with his grandchild Carson. #Cubs https://t.co/okoaIipMxF

  3. Did anyone watching catch which restaurant in Tampa Joe Maddon was at? My wife, a native Tampanian, wants to know.

  4. Congrats to Joe Maddon and Jeff Banister on NL & AL Manager of the Year honors! #WellDeserved

  5. After leading the #Cubs to a 97-65 record and NLCS, @CubsJoeMadd is NL Manager of the Year: https://t.co/QngHP3nsGz https://t.co/niny2gjaAB

  6. Joe Maddon: NL Manager of the Year https://t.co/CwhvTcvNWH #Cubs https://t.co/1stF18xfqY

  7. Joe Maddon proves (again) why he's one of the best https://t.co/nw4aZw8Uyq

  8. Chicago Cubs' Joe Maddon has won his third Manager of the Year award, first in NL https://t.co/bb2xcx3bet https://t.co/zgtCrh06eu

  9. Joe Maddon wins NL Manager of the Year. He is the 7th manager to win three manager of the year awards and the 7th to win one in each league.

  10. Cubs' Joe Maddon wins NL Manager of the Year award https://t.co/VcByJiUzlb

  11. Maddon is the fourth skipper in franchise history to earn Manager of the Year honors. https://t.co/60o7zeorj9 https://t.co/rUyzFa6TQN

  12. Mike Matheny finishes second in NL Manager of the Year to Joe Maddon https://t.co/4eIZDxWXbq https://t.co/eKHfLA3TMD

  13. For those irate that Maddon beat out Collins despite the Mets sweeping the Cubs in the NLCS: voting is completed before the playoffs begin.

  14. Joe Maddon flips script, tops Terry Collins (and Mike Matheny) for NL Manager of the Year. https://t.co/UyDHw0xDqL https://t.co/ArH9cvLQPN

  15. #Cubs Maddon wins NL manager of the year. https://t.co/07zeQ7dhvn

  16. Joe Maddon and Jeff Banister have been named the managers of year. MORE: https://t.co/W0eaxuSGlA https://t.co/davWgq1U8d

  17. Thanks to Joe Maddon for keeping it fun and relevant for the people who cover the team.

  18. Maddon follows NLCS run with top manager award https://t.co/Jr2VwuVWs9 #NYM #Mets

  19. Joe Maddon did Manager of Year conference call @AvaTampa: "I've already gotten into the Super Tuscan wine just a little bit, to be honest."

  20. #Rangers manager Jeff Banister won AL manager of year honours, Joe Maddon of #Cubs takes NL prize

  21. 'Crazy'? 'Genius'? Maddon is all of that -- and NL Manager of the Year https://t.co/22C1AuHP36

  22. How Joe Maddon turned around #Cubs and became NL Manager of the Year: https://t.co/c6ArOWezCh

  23. Cubs' Maddon from NL Manager of the Year to free agent recruiter: https://t.co/O3UGSck9BQ

  24. Updated story on ex-#Rays / now #Cubs manager Joe Maddon winning NL manager of year honors https://t.co/unelNLEvLa

  25. ICYMI, Joe Maddon: NL Manager of the Year https://t.co/CwhvTcvNWH #Cubs https://t.co/nPedWigpCh

  26. In today's @TB_Times, ex-#Rays manager Maddon finds validation in winning NL manager of the year award with #Cubs https://t.co/unelNLEvLa

  27. VIDEO: Cubs' Maddon, Texas' Banister selected Managers of the Year https://t.co/vLxSrcfBXQ @pnewberry1963 #MLB

  28. What will Joe Maddon do for an encore in Year 2? https://t.co/IzfIluExrg

  29. ICYMI: #Cubs Joe Maddon wins NL Manager of the Year and celebrates with a glass of wine or two. https://t.co/h87Cixlt6k via @mlb

  30. Joe Maddon ready to help #Cubs recruit free agents: "The spotlight is shining from Wrigley Field." https://t.co/ok811FF6Ds

  31. #Cubs Maddon celebrates MOY https://t.co/FYUSOgGt8L

  32. Bryant and Maddon have won BBWAA awards. Can #Cubs go 3-for-3? Arrieta finds out tonight re: NL Cy Young. https://t.co/0TiD4mow0B via @mlb

  33. Coming up on our show guests will include: Joe Maddon, Terry Francona, Shawn Tolleson, & Adam Eaton @MLBNetworkRadio Sirius 209 XM 89 SXMAPP

  34. We are talking w/@CubsJoeMadd now on @ESPN1000 about his Manager of the Year award and changing the culture of the Cubs.

  35. Great stuff with @CubsJoeMadd on changing the culture of the Chicago Cubs. “I try to live in the present +not look too far into the future."

  36. Joe Maddon on opening a new restaurant in Chgo. “Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. It’s something that we’ve talked about."

  37. Thanks to Terry Francona & @AdamSpankyEaton for joining us on our show coming up Shawn Tolleson #Rangers & Joe Maddon #Cubs @MLBNetworkRadio