1. Pistons roundup: Offseason could put more pressure on Jodie Meeks http://t.co/2fdALOI40j http://t.co/FQO0Xakwhx

  2. Is the Pistons' Hot Start Legitimate?

  3. Pistons' Meeks Expected Out 3-4 Months

  4. I don't care about video game ratings like I did when I was younger, but Jodie Meeks (74) is better than Stanley Johnson (73) in 2K? Huh?

  5. His first #Pistons season was delayed 22 games and forever affected. @Jmeeks20 is primed for a better year 2. ... http://t.co/qhqukXW0tq

  6. Healthy again, @Jmeeks20 hopes stability sparks a comeback season for him: http://t.co/xIrqij07sX @Keith_Langlois http://t.co/YVkpTCay5F

  7. We have @Jmeeks20 here! Get those questions rolling at #pistonsmediaday

  8. Let's chat with @jmeeks20! #PistonsMediaDay http://t.co/MEYwtMx8Mh

  9. Jodie Meeks and Hilliard at PG now. #Pistons

  10. Jodie Meeks, a virtual 90 pct FT shooter, 0 for 3 so far .. 1 for 4 now

  11. You may not get excited about Jodie Meeks, but he'll serve a crucial backup role for the Pistons. Preview: http://t.co/KtuUAZHFBm

  12. KCP, Johnson, Meeks, Ilyasova, Anthony out to start 2Q. Jodie Meeks getting a litlte run at PG

  13. After 2 turnovers, when SVG told Jodie Meeks to bring it up, @iAmSJ told him ... "I got this." https://t.co/buS8MZFjR7

  14. PIstons had been 13 of 13 at FT line and the guy who misses first one is Jodie Meeks, nearly a 90% shooter. Figures.

  15. Jodie Meeks and Blake were teammates with the Lakers. Meeks loved playing with him. Looks like they've got some chemistry going on.

  16. MLive: Jodie Meeks caps preseason like he did the start: Productive off the bench for Pistons: Meeks scored 17... https://t.co/wYmthbI7OL

  17. Jodie Meeks limps off. Might be opening to see Bullock on the floor at some point tonight.

  18. Jodie Meeks in the locker room with a foot injury and X-rays coming. Utah's Neto also hurt. #Pistons trail the Jazz 38-32, 2:54 to go in 2Q.

  19. Update: Jodie Meeks (sore right foot) will not return tonight.

  20. Jodie Meeks has a Jones fracture in right foot. #Pistons

  21. That's a bummer about Jodie Meeks. I thought he'd bounce back this season. But now another big injury.

  22. Jodie Meeks x-rays reveal Jones fracture of right foot. No timetable on return. https://t.co/i754Wdr0Hs https://t.co/hzJzwmihuq

  23. MLive: Pistons' Jodie Meeks leaves win vs. Jazz in 2nd quarter, has broken foot: Meeks averaged 9.6 points per... https://t.co/XavPQCo2vO

  24. Awaiting official update on #Pistons Jodie Meeks but SVG said the surgery happened last night.

  25. SVG said Jodie Meeks (foot fracture) had surgery last night, but awaiting details. #Pistons

  26. Jodie Meeks expected to miss 12 to 16 weeks as he recovers from Jones fracture surgery. #pistons

  27. #Pistons Jodie Meeks out 12-16 weeks after foot surgery last night.

  28. Pistons say Jodie Meeks will miss 12-16 weeks with a broken bone in his right foot.

  29. Pistons G Jodie Meeks will miss 3-4 months after surgery on Thursday to repair a non-displaced fracture of fifth metatarsal in right foot.

  30. Update: Jodie Meeks underwent a surgical procedure last evening to repair a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot

  31. Make it a fracture of his fifth metatarsal for Jodie Meeks. A 12-16 week time frame means a March return possible.

  32. Pistons say G Jodie Meeks had surgery to repair a non-displaced fracture of 5th metatarsal in his right foot and is expected out 3-4 months.

  33. Jodie Meeks to miss 12-16 weeks, #Pistons say. Read: https://t.co/h14X8Lljme https://t.co/z6dnm5nl5H

  34. Ugh: Pistons announce Jodie Meeks underwent surgery to repair a non-displaced fracture in his right foot. Expected to be out 12-16 weeks.

  35. Jodie Meeks injury update: Meeks to miss 12 to 16 weeks. A March return is possible. https://t.co/EoN483ZsQF https://t.co/9xGi7bnUqB

  36. MLive: Pistons' Jodie Meeks could miss up to four months after foot surgery: The shooting guard, in his second... https://t.co/8Basb2p6Lw

  37. #Detroit #Pistons guard Jodie Meeks is out 12-16 weeks after foot surgery: https://t.co/1SpQMERo2b