1. #WHIFF Soria takes over for Happ and gets the Bucs out of the 7th. The Reds get a run and it's 5-2 good guys in the 8th. #LetsGoBucs

  2. Report: Tigers to Meet with Joakim Soria's Agent

  3. No Watson or Melancon tonight, Hurdle said. Soria will close.

  4. Scoreless 9th for Soria and we go to the home half tied at 3 with @fran_cervelli leading the way! #LETSGOBUCS http://t.co/yAoGtYBUhx

  5. #WHIFF Soria tosses a scoreless 10th and it'll be @TheCUTCH22 leading the way in the home half. #LETSGOBUCS http://t.co/VqdAlXmxuF

  6. Two singles in 7th -- one off Alvarez's glove, one hit Cole in the leg -- before La Stella's pinch-hit double. Cole is done, Soria in.

  7. Soria will take over for Cole here with 2 on, one out and the Bucs up a pair in the 7th. #LetsGoBucs http://t.co/lYFfliJeNo

  8. Soria throws a wild pitch and the Cubs trail by one.

  9. Soria has allowed the Cubs to tie the game at 4-4 by throwing two wild pitches.

  10. Stewart could have done better on the first WP. The second Soria missed his location by 3 feet. #Pirates go b7 tied at 4.

  11. Bastardo, more or less a beast since May. Take over Soria's role? #Pirates

  12. Morse to first base, Ramirez from first to third, Kang to short, Soria pitching in the 11th.

  13. Soria with a scoreless 8th and we are on to the 9th with a 3 run lead. Marte Cervelli Sean Rod #LetsGoBucs http://t.co/Q9A8gG6tJv

  14. Not a thing of beauty but Soria gets thru the 7th.

  15. #WHIFF!!! Soria with a scoreless 7th and we are in the stretch! #LETSGOBUCS http://t.co/HbRDCddbcm

  16. Walker's diving stop on Heyward grounder saved a run, and Soria struck out Peralta to strand men on the corners in the seventh.

  17. Soor-oor-eeaah Soor-oor-eeaah Soria! Soria! Gets out of top 7th. #pirates and #cardinals both at 0

  18. Scoreless frame for Soria and we are in the stretch, up 3. #LetsGoBucs http://t.co/luRF3B6xi2

  19. More #Pirates WC roster ... 10 players acquired since end of '14 season (Cervelli, Morse, Ramirez, Soria, etc.) http://t.co/FLY4imQsjM

  20. Ramirez stays in, playing 3B. Josh Harrison moves to SS. Soria in to pitch.

  21. Pirates' Soria strikes out 3 in top of 8th #Buctober http://t.co/QuGcnLO6Dq

  22. After a leadoff walk Soria strikes out the side and we go to the bottom of the 8th, down 4. #LETSGOBUCS http://t.co/aHDXYk2Iuj

  23. This young @Pirates fan does a pretty great @joakimsoria impression: http://t.co/AphJ1CyHLG http://t.co/nK41Lekctn

  24. From @TonyPaul1984, Tigers interested in Soria reunion. https://t.co/KBqqQ3WHCV. Source told me Pirates haven't contacted Soria yet.

  25. #Pirates traded him to #Tigers for Soria in July. https://t.co/xHoFEfaAyE

  26. Market for Soria expected to be robust. Unclear at this point whether or not Pirates will be involved.

  27. Zero chance Soria back w Pirates IMO. Too expensive for setup guy. https://t.co/CDfUE78iR6

  28. With $$$ in the game, won’t surprise me if Soria gets this. But I wouldn’t pay it to him. https://t.co/QZdqlygODj