1. Capri...for the lemon linguini at Da Paolini. #honeymoonpartyoffour

  2. About last night... #honeymoonpartyoffour

  3. I do it for the gram

  4. Room with a view. #honeymoonpartyoffour

  5. Missing this guy while we crash a honeymoon in Italy. Luckily his papi and nonna have set him up with a hoop so he can work on his dunk shots.

  6. The little man after his birthday bender. "All I want is ice cream, Dad!!!"

  7. I will be on @KennedyNation on Fox Business tonight at 830 EST. We discuss a wide range of topics. Even robots.

  8. Let's do this. . Soul cycle. First time.

  9. This video is EVERYTHING. Congrats to two of my favorite people in the world, Kylee and Hadi, on tying the knot today. #WhatTheFakhoury

  10. Knox, king of all wild things. Chelsea, best mom ever. 

  11. Another senseless gun tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims' families, everyone at @WDBJ7, and with everyone in my hometown

  12. I know this is weak. But I can still dunk. And it was 8 AM this morning. #yearlyreminder

  13. ➡️➡️➡️

  14. Great to meet u! MT @Rickthelaureate: I bumped into @icecube in LAX today and then was on the same flight and got to chat with @JJRedick

  15. Chelsea comes to watch me workout once a summer. I was blessed with her presence yesterday. Just a normal day- working on my craft. Pick and roll shooting, ball-handling, and dribble hand offs. #summerisserious #embracethegrind #somerandomhighschoolgym

  16. "The night Knox wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind...". Our King of of All Wild Things is really feeling himself. Thanks @cherayne! Can't believe this little fella is almost 1!