1. Jesus Montero Blames Weight Gain on Overeating, Mariners Management Displeased

    Jesus Montero is fat. That sounds harsh, but it seems to be the overarching sentiment coming out of Seattle Mariners spring training, where Montero has showed up 40 pounds overweight...

    Gabe Zaldivar Written by Gabe Zaldivar about 1 month ago 90,878 reads 83 comments

  2. Jesus Montero: Former Top Prospect Is His Own Worst Enemy

    After a dreadful 2013 season, one that saw him get demoted to the minor leagues, undergo knee surgery and serve a 50-game suspension for his involvement with the Biogenesis scandal , Jesus Montero heads into spring training with much to prove..

    Rick Weiner Written by Rick Weiner about 1 month ago 7,636 reads 19 comments

  3. Seattle Mariners: Jesus Montero and the Performance-Enhancing Drugs Scandal

    The Seattle Mariners are making headlines for the wrong reasons. Specifically, catcher Jesus Montero is on a list of players that are allegedly being investigated by Major League Baseball for performance-enhancing drugs...

    Todd Pheifer Written by Todd Pheifer about 10 months ago 1,452 reads 1 comments

  4. Why the Jesus Montero-Michael Pineda Trade Is Still Years from Having a Winner

    The January 2012 trade that sent Jesus Montero to the Seattle in exchange for Micheal Pineda wasn't just looked at as a win-win for the New York Yankees and Mariners, but ...

    Joe Giglio Written by Joe Giglio about 11 months ago 3,016 reads 0 comments

  5. Seattle Mariners: Is 2013 Season Already in Jeopardy?

    Six games ago, the Seattle Mariners were in good shape. The team was 20-21 and had just won two series in a row against the Oakland A’s and New York Yankees ...

    Todd Pheifer Written by Todd Pheifer about 11 months ago 180 reads 30 comments

  6. First Quarter Grades for Seattle Mariners

    The Seattle Mariners are doing adequately in school this year. The Mariners certainly are not making the honor roll, but they aren ’t standing in the corner either. Let's just say that they have potential to do better...

    Todd Pheifer Written by Todd Pheifer about 11 months ago 1,962 reads 0 comments

  7. Seattle Mariners Prospects Who Have the Highest Ceiling

    The Seattle Mariners have some talent in the farm system. At least, that is the assumption of people who know about these things...

    Todd Pheifer Written by Todd Pheifer about 12 months ago 1,899 reads 0 comments

  8. Seattle Mariners: Offense Starting to Come Alive in 2013

    Don’t look now, but the 2013 Seattle Mariners can hit. I know, I know, you’re waiting for the punchline, right? After all, we’re talking about the Mariners...

    Todd Pheifer Written by Todd Pheifer about 12 months ago 1,687 reads 4 comments

  9. Seattle Mariners: Will Rebuilding Project Ever End?

    The Seattle Mariners are struggling...again. The 2013 season is starting to look a lot like 2012. And 2011. And 2010. At this point, fans might take 2009 (85-77), even though that would probably be good for third place in the American League West..

    Todd Pheifer Written by Todd Pheifer about 12 months ago 2,313 reads 16 comments