1. "We don't win anymore." — Lakers owner Jerry Buss Oh, sorry. That was Donald Trump.

  2. Scott's 'Man Up' Philosophy Is Not the Answer for Lakers

  3. Lakers Not Thrilled with Running at Training Camp

  4. D'Antoni + Brown "weren't Lakers" said Jim Buss (but still great coaches) believes Byron Scott has Laker blood in him http://t.co/iRdhbup7YD

  5. Report: Jim Buss open to Kobe Bryant player for the Lakers after this upcoming season: http://t.co/9o8Sm3k00j

  6. Important to note, as I did in the post (http://t.co/9o8Sm3k00j) Buss also talks about Kobe needing to understand his role should he return.

  7. “He could be anything in this league” - Jim Buss on D’Angelo Russell. http://t.co/Cjw8Rg3ckW http://t.co/SEAUhPRCri

  8. Jim Buss has high praise for Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson. http://t.co/vuE8KoNsfV http://t.co/48mMzT2KXW

  9. I have more to write on Jim Buss, on topics like Byron Scott, analytics, selling the team (hint, not interested) and other subjects

  10. Jim Buss hopes Lakers have ‘eight core players’ by end of the season. http://t.co/NTCm8ufXwI http://t.co/AQficubTY5

  11. One more time -- On Jim Buss' openness to Kobe playing beyond next year & why adding the caveat he did matters: http://t.co/9o8Sm3k00j

  12. Jim Buss defends Coach Byron Scott and the Lakers' use of analytics http://t.co/EeSUgZw0X4

  13. Third and final post from my exclusive interview: Jim Buss defends Coach Byron Scott and the Lakers' use of analytics http://t.co/60tz1Em9dK

  14. Jim Buss calls Byron Scott "flexible" "family sense" "a brother" "strong personality" "not set in his ways" http://t.co/60tz1Em9dK

  15. Jim Buss deferred to Byron Scott on Kobe Bryant's minutes for the coming season, KB/BS "talk daily" http://t.co/60tz1Em9dK

  16. Jim Buss identifies players he likes via stats, Kupchak has strong feel for fit, Byron gives input as well http://t.co/60tz1Em9dK

  17. Jim Buss calls criticism of Lakers' analytics 'unfair,' states that he will not sell team http://t.co/ymYBk4iNOw http://t.co/cjgIpQETKn

  18. On Jim Buss' quotes about luring big time 2016 free agents & a reminder that building through FA has its limitations: http://t.co/AAZBMHrBNk

  19. From earlier, some words on Jim Buss' comments on 2016 free agency & the Lakers' approach to their rebuild: http://t.co/AAZBMHrBNk

  20. Jeanie Buss at @tjmartell foundation: "We know what this team means to the city of Los Angeles & we are proud to accept this award tonight."

  21. "I found that he's fearless" - Jeanie Buss on D'Angelo Russell. http://t.co/4g1BxFIOux http://t.co/Vo1LWmo22o

  22. Lakers president Jeanie Buss was recently honored at @tjmartell. http://t.co/eUuBwlAWJX https://t.co/yd9ddqhJ1Y

  23. Kupchak: Choosing not to address the Jim Buss timeline - but said team hasn't rushed to trade youth to add "winning" vets

  24. Kupchak declined to comment on Jim Buss's self-imposed timeline of stepping down in 2-3 years if the Lakers don't improve.

  25. Lakers’ Mitch Kupchak downplays Jim Buss’ self-imposed timeline http://t.co/g0eiKhdFc5

  26. As an aside, remember when Jim Buss said he'd welcome Kobe back next year but only after discussing his role? http://t.co/9o8Sm3k00j

  27. someone needs to gif me that Jim Buss fist pump @billoram just mentioned

  28. Only 16 more days! Here's to Dr. Buss, the greatest owner there was, and a few of his favorite things. #LakersTipOff http://t.co/JBaOUdpqt1

  29. What did Jim Buss have to say about Kobe Bryant's extension? https://t.co/nRhEFXGxsF https://t.co/msrz3f8JPE

  30. Jim Buss believes Lakers have ‘turned the corner’ during rebuilding process. https://t.co/AVK8I8Bbv5 https://t.co/bty256GS0w

  31. Jim Buss on his relationship with Mitch Kupchak, how often he thinks about his father, & more timeline talk - https://t.co/NeYCSC8ceK

  32. Jim Buss says of the @Lakers this season: 'I don't care about making the playoffs' https://t.co/bU9oNLvkuV https://t.co/fwLJfbvDDV

  33. Jeanie Buss says her family, Lakers 'devoted' to helping Lamar Odom. https://t.co/PlPosvodNK https://t.co/3M2QUWpqun

  34. Jim Buss taking in today's Laker practice from a perch above the practice court. Season opener two days away... https://t.co/6SQkZnH14j

  35. Pacific Notes: Harrison Barnes, Tyson Chandler, Ian Clark, Jim Buss https://t.co/Mq2HqPGrtJ #Warriors #Suns #Lakers https://t.co/QVEhPr45Un

  36. Do you really think Jerry Buss did stuff like this with the trophy? Wait, don't answer that.

  37. Rewarding Kobe for his career was a united Buss decision - both sides of the organization basketball and business - last year of it

  38. Not sure viability is on Buss. He was heavily involved during last 2 championships. Gets blamed for mortgaged future https://t.co/hTIyNP2r11

  39. Lakers president Jeanie Buss honoring three Americans that stopped terrorist attack in train in Paris this summer https://t.co/kEDtfWSZ3h

  40. Anthony Sadler, Laker fan who helped thwart terrorist attack on Paris train in August, gets jersey from Jeanie Buss https://t.co/ZNbGxYzEeV