1. Three man rush by the Packers on the long Cam to Cotchery completion.

  2. Jerricho Cotchery Has A Nice Game In Win Over The Redskins

  3. Jerricho Cotchery Silent With Two Catches Against The Titans

  4. Jerricho Cotchery Leads Team In Receiving Against Green Bay

  5. Cotchery (Ankle) Progressing: 'Today Was a Good Day'

  6. Another nice catch by Cotchery! 16-yard gain brings the #Panthers to the GB 38. #GBvsCAR

  7. Panthers lose 2 yards on first down, Cotchery gains 16 on next play.

  8. Long shots now to Cotchery, Funchess and Brown. And could have had one to Olsen. Nice job by "no weapons."

  9. Jerricho Cotchery not at practice. Would be tough to imagine the 12-year vet playing Week 3 on high ankle sprain

  10. Cotchery's Groin Injury Not Expected to Be Serious

  11. Cotchery Still Has Something to Offer Panthers

  12. Panthers halftime stats: Newton 8 of 15 for 209 yards, twoTDs, 5 carries for 37, TD. Stewart 7 carries for 34 Cotchery 3 catches for 82.

  13. Cam had Cotchery there. Didn't put it on the money. FG coming

  14. Cam a little high to Cotchery. Gano on.

  15. Newton misfires on quick pass to Cotchery. FG unit coming on.

  16. Jerricho Clutchery https://t.co/SABOoVGDVd

  17. Cam offers some insight during an interview with Jerricho Clutchery https://t.co/cBuTvEfv2z

  18. "Jerricho Clutchery" talks about the state of the #Panthers wide receivers : https://t.co/vvXbzUeyOZ https://t.co/7cvVB3Qq0E

  19. Bersin is inactive. He’s played just six snaps w/no targets since Cotchery came back vs SEA. Simonson gets a jersey.

  20. #Panthers have four WRs active today: Ginn, Brown, Cotchery and Funchess.

  21. Wofford's Brenton Bersin inactive for Panthers despte being healthy. Carolina goes with only 4 WRs (Brown, Cotchery, Funchess, Ginn Jr.)

  22. Stewart takes a handoff from the shotgun and cuts through the defense for the 16-yard touchdown. Nice block from Cotchery to send him in.

  23. Stewart's in on 16-yard TD. Nice blocks by Silatolu and Cotchery.

  24. Good blocks all around by Silatolu and Cotchery

  25. Cam too long for a well-covered Cotchery. Nortman on.

  26. Newton can't connect deep with Cotchery on 3rd-and-9. Panthers forced to punt from TEN 45.

  27. Cotchery advances ball to the 30-yard line. Here comes Gano.

  28. #Titans are challenging that the ball was down. Claiming Jerrico Cotchery fumbled.

  29. Tennessee challenging the ruling that Cotchery was down by contact.

  30. Titans challenging that Cotchery fumbled.

  31. Two Titans took Cotchery down. Ground caused fumble.

  32. Ruling confirmed. Cotchery down by contact.

  33. Titans force another negative play -- Cotchery loses 2 on quick pass. Newton then finds Olsen for 11.

  34. Cotchery gets those yards back and then some. Third and 3.

  35. Cotchery picks up 19 yards on next play to set up manageable third down. Newton hits Ginn for 7 to move chains.

  36. Cam to Cotchery for 19 yards. Newton follows it up with a 7-yard strike to @TedGinnJr_19! #WASvsCAR

  37. Nice move in space by Cotchery to elude a tackle and pick up 11. Also, Newton put the ball in perfect spot for catch and run.

  38. Cam and the Panthers ran that run/pass option perfectly. Cotchery gains 10+ yds on the bubble.

  39. Continue to be impressed by Panthers' ability to move past negative plays quickly. The 19-yard pass to Cotchery after the sack was critical.

  40. Cotchery over the middle for 17. Then Newton waits for Olsen to cross the field and he hits him for 34 yards.

  41. Newton with a dangerous throw into the end zone for Cotchery that bounces high into the air ends up on the ground. Fortunate.

  42. Cam throws vs. his body ... and Cotchery drops it in EZ

  43. Cotchery’s most costly play w/CAR was in CIN. That almost joined the list. Still may if no TD here.

  44. Cotchery has to catch that.

  45. Big drop by the usually sure-handed Cotchery. #Panthers

  46. Cotchery gains 10 yards over the middle and Panthers call that timeout with 3 seconds left. Here comes Gano.