1. NFL Trade Rumors: Examining Latest Pre-Deadline Reports

    Tuesday's NFL trade deadline is fast approaching, and we may begin to see some interesting names pop up as rumors continue to swirl around the Web. Although, things have remained relatively quiet since Percy Harvin was dealt to the New York Jets..

    Sean ODonnell Written by Sean ODonnell about 3 months ago 6,239 reads 2 comments

  2. Week 8 Waiver Wire: Early Pickups and Breakout Fantasy Football Candidates

    Injuries are starting to pile up in the NFL after seven weeks of play, and persistent fantasy football owners will be making quick trips to the waiver wire to shore up their ailing ...

    Nate Loop Written by Nate Loop about 3 months ago 35,669 reads 13 comments

  3. Predicting Tyler Eifert's Stats in the New Cincinnati Bengals Offense

    At times last season, the Cincinnati Bengals offense started to run plays that weren ’t “lob it to A.J. Green ...

    Max Garland Written by Max Garland about 8 months ago 1,684 reads 0 comments