1. Royals Rumblings for Sept. 23. Guthrie should have gone to the Taylor Swift concert. http://t.co/OMoq0BdUUq http://t.co/8n0G5VPKOV

  2. Royals Part Ways with Rios, Guthrie

  3. Royals' Guthrie Rocks 'Back to the Future' Shoes

  4. Duffy to Bullpen; Guthrie Back into Rotation

  5. The Royals gave substantial playing time to Omar Infante, Alex Rios, and Jeremy Guthrie and will still win the division going away. Amazing.

  6. #Royals now have listed Sunday's starter as TBA.That was Guthrie's spot.

  7. The three options to start on Sunday are Jeremy Guthrie, Chris Young and Miguel Almonte.

  8. Ned agreed he's not sure what he'd get out of Almonte if he starts for Guthrie on Sunday, but, "He's got stuff, though." #Royals

  9. One of our readers gives his thoughts on Jeremy Guthrie. http://t.co/qX0M7PJn7O

  10. Looking back on Jeremy Guthrie's Royals career http://t.co/GebgMASU84 http://t.co/HuscLnlk07

  11. Probable Royals lineup: CF Orlando SS Colon 3B Cuthbert DH Guthrie (Mormon, sober celebrating) C Pena 1B Aw...screw it, you win Cleveland.

  12. PHOTO OF THE DAY: @Royals Greg Holland & Jeremy Guthrie celebrate. @GettySport http://t.co/gzMzEWIUQj http://t.co/hfCHdk8mWE

  13. PHOTO OF THE DAY: @Royals Greg Holland & Jeremy Guthrie celebrate. @GettySport http://t.co/gzMzEWIUQj http://t.co/IvNARskKtP

  14. Chris Young has thrown two scoreless. Reminder: He was 7-6 with a 3.49 ERA before KC bounced him from rotation for Jeremy Guthrie.

  15. So Guthrie for Game One I assume. https://t.co/OUA8qqsvv0

  16. Coming up on our show today guests include: Mookie Betts #RedSox; Jeremy Guthrie #Royals; Mark Gubicza #Angels; Mark Reynolds #Cardinals

  17. Jeremy Guthrie grew up in Roseburg, Oregon, site of deadly shootings. He was stunned and saddened. #Royals

  18. Cain in MVP discussion, Yost up for manager of the year. Infante and Guthrie for "anti" awards from @Joelsherman1 https://t.co/F68LClbTn7

  19. Jeremy Guthrie finished with more wins than Scott Kazmir, Justin Verlander, Mike Fiers, or Shelby Miller. #killthewin

  20. Nice, @TheRealJGuts! He surprised a King Elementary student with tickets to the #ALDS. #TakeTheCrown https://t.co/4edVVLfHKJ

  21. 11 pitchers on the Royals ALDS roster, including Young and Medlen. No Guthrie.

  22. ALDS roster for #Royals includes Gore & Orlando. Does not include Gomes or Guthrie.

  23. Guthrie omitted from Royals' ALDS roster http://t.co/soGS8GourW http://t.co/rcX5F6z05K

  24. Here's our bad transcription of Jeremy Guthrie's post-game speech. http://t.co/oYp4nsEgtp http://t.co/OBSrqaCi4E

  25. Guthrie. https://t.co/2TXQnQ2Lm1

  26. PHOTO: Royals' Guthrie rocks 'Back to the Future' Nikes before Game 5 https://t.co/xmFHMTN7Vn https://t.co/e2Pw2k96yk

  27. LOOK: Royals' Jeremy Guthrie wears 'Back to the Future II' sneakers https://t.co/dLbQPtfTJs via @cbssports https://t.co/SsXk7BCmlu

  28. Royals' Jeremy Guthrie rocks 'Back to the Future' Nikes before Game 5! https://t.co/kFTbN1OnkS https://t.co/cwtRiZk7Ys

  29. Royals' Jeremy Guthrie showed off his #BackToTheFuture shoes (photos from @jsleezer): https://t.co/wW7GNj3zLF https://t.co/Uya5NOqWVL

  30. #Royals are 6 outs away from returning to the Series. It's about time for Jeremy Guthrie to put on his "These TorontO's Ain't Royal" T-shirt

  31. Royals players, after game, gather for victory celebration led by vet Jeremy Guthrie. In this, Guthrie broke news to team about Volquez

  32. Morales > Butler. Rios > Aoki. Cueto > Guthrie. And these Royals have experience from last year. https://t.co/brknQAcbIE

  33. Royals have 5 players with options: Escobar, Gomes, Gordon, Guthrie and Davis. Not the hardest of decisions...

  34. Gomes/Guthrie 2016

  35. #KCRoyals bid adieu to Alex Rios & Jeremy Guthrie, both of whom hit open market per MLBPA press release. Read more: https://t.co/bUFlKMuZrB

  36. The Kansas City #Royals also announce that OF Alex Rios and Jeremy Guthrie did not have their mutual options exercised.

  37. In less than surprising news, the Royals have not picked up the mutual options on Jeremy Guthrie and Alex Rios.

  38. #Royals part ways with Alex Rios, Jeremy Guthrie https://t.co/ncnd55oyAG

  39. Could still re-sign either at a lesser deal. Royals will pay $3.2 mill buyout to Guthrie, $1.5 mill on Rios. https://t.co/sGk7Gw9Imx

  40. Royals decline options on Rios, Guthrie https://t.co/yWakH6I2lr https://t.co/vkyxdOSmfE

  41. Royals decline options on Jeremy Guthrie, Alex Rios https://t.co/othlCKtibE https://t.co/TkBYEWj50Z