1. Watch: Jeremy Evans Swats Harden in the Post

  2. Mavericks Officially Sign FA Forward Jeremy Evans

  3. Despite his heavy workload, @JeremyEvans40 has impressed so far during his time in Dallas. >>http://t.co/8dayyHdb6T http://t.co/1XJAfybvO1

  4. Jeremy Evans is a key experiment for the Mavericks this season http://t.co/oMJx7wNlMZ http://t.co/CkQ5ynPCvG

  5. Sefko: Jeremy Evans trying to make a name for himself with the Mavs http://t.co/ahRTQxJPL4

  6. WATCH: @jjbareapr lobs it to @JeremyEvans40 for a sweet oop  #DALatOKC http://t.co/PMRM2cD74S http://t.co/1oikE6P6eh

  7. Starting five for Dallas: J.J. Barea, John Jenkins, Jeremy Evans, DIRK NOWITZKI, Zaza Pachulia.

  8. This afternoon @Dev34Harris & @JeremyEvans40 help host a @jrnba basketball clinic! https://t.co/O0O7lH9H6w

  9. Time for some dribbling skills across the court! @dev34harris @jeremyevans40 https://t.co/XsVXtW6OFJ

  10. More of @JeremyEvans40 at our @jrnba basketball clinic! https://t.co/DsPm4BEL3C

  11. That's a wrap! @dev34harris & @jeremyevans40 conclude this afternoons @JrNBA basketball clinic! https://t.co/hOV5mH4vne

  12. The Mavs Lite starters for tonight's Suns preseason finale: Raymond Felton, John Jenkins, Dwight Powell, Jeremy Evans and Salah Mejri.

  13. For Jr. NBA Week, @Dev34Harris & @JeremyEvans40 joined in on a clinic for local kids! MORE:https://t.co/znagpfiVU2 https://t.co/Y9PhOOGGAR

  14. Join us in wishing @JeremyEvans40 a very special Happy Birthday today! #MavsBirthdays https://t.co/VuEMOalnpT

  15. Birthday Vine! @jeremyevans40 https://t.co/eW8o5Cepyh

  16. Dwight Powell, Jeremy Evans and Devin Harris are the first Mavericks off the bench.

  17. I'm sure, but what who guards Griffin? Got a feeling Jeremy Evans gets a lot of run tonight https://t.co/S271wRYMkF

  18. #Mavs starters tonight Raymond Felton John Jenkins Jeremy Evans Dirk Nowitzki Zaza Pachulia

  19. Former Jazz forward Jeremy Evans getting a start for the Mavericks tonight against the Clippers. That's cool.

  20. Dwight Powell now slides to center, alongside Dirk and Jeremy Evans on the frontline. Meanwhile, that Redick three puts L.A. up 14-9.

  21. who's the better defender these days: Dirk or that painting Jeremy Evans brought out at the dunk contest?

  22. Jeremy Evans on Parsons' shoe line: “I’m an artist myself, so I’m trying to get into fashion myself and I really like what he’s doing.’’

  23. tweeting this so that years later basketball archeologists can discover it: the Mavs are using a Pachulia-Villanueva-Jeremy Evans frontcourt

  24. Devin Harris up HIGH to Jeremy Evans. Wow. #DALvsNOP

  25. Jeremy Evans with the leaping block of an Anthony Davis jumper. That boy has some hops.

  26. Jeremy Evans: rim protector. #DALvsNOP

  27. Jeremy Evans with the big block on Anthony Davis to the stands!

  28. Jeremy Evans almost hit his head on the backboard on that block! His hops are crazy! #twittertakeover @GreatDonovan

  29. Jeremy Evans swatted an Anthony Davis shot attempt into the stands last night. VIDEO: https://t.co/m10QmGhP17 https://t.co/wxjI7FHqgB

  30. Dallas’ Jeremy Evans with insane block on Anthony Davis (VIDEO) https://t.co/W6x8vniH7z

  31. Mavs are probably going to start Raymond Felton and Jeremy Evans in the all-important DeAndre Jordan revenge game. lovely.

  32. Jeremy Evans just checked in, which means we'll be seeing a dunk in a couple minutes.

  33. Devin Harris up HIGH for Jeremy Evans for the oop to open the 2nd. #DALatHOU

  34. J.J. threw that lob to the rafters and Jeremy Evans went and got it. #DALatHOU

  35. Jeremy Evans pulled that one down from space.

  36. Either that or best buddies Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Evans will get into a fistfight. https://t.co/6qEUuvFIR3

  37. Jeremy Evans wanted to go to dinner with Gordon Hayward last night in Dallas, but he didn't hear back from his buddy. He laughed about it.