1. That’s a wrap for me. Thank you for all of your support on Twitter over the years. Looking forward to my ceremony on Sunday @JeremyAffeldt

  2. Watch: Affeldt Gives Heartfelt Retirement Speech

  3. A Farewell to the Retiring Jeremy Affeldt

  4. Giants' Playoff Hero Affeldt Retires

  5. Affeldt: 5 Things I Won't Miss About Baseball

  6. I’m going with Trevor Brown for Willie Mac. Had to learn fast to catch Affeldt scuds AND pitcher (Peavy) who can’t see the signs. #SFGiants

  7. “I was trying not to have a stroke.” ICYMI, highlights from two, Hudson & Affeldt, who always filled notebooks: http://t.co/YhblUAZD1Y

  8. Per Giants, Jeremy Affeldt is announcing his retirement.

  9. Affeldt ends career with 22 consecutive scoreless appearances in postseason. Was winning pitcher in his final postseason game.

  10. REMINDER: @JeremyAffeldt Retirement Ceremony Sunday, 11:30am (1st pitch 12:05pm) #SFGiants http://t.co/OtwlZvFsXE

  11. Don't worry, it's not another injury. Lopez wore Affeldt's knee braces out to field for BP: http://t.co/fELAxew2Hv

  12. Today, we thank @JeremyAffeldt -- 11:30 pre-game ceremony. #ThanksAffeldt #SFGThanks #SFGiants http://t.co/2XmtBFwbAe

  13. Congrats @tini07 -- you won a signed @JeremyAffeldt mug! #ThanksAffeldt #SFGThanks #SFGiants https://t.co/TJEr7ggjzX

  14. "He basically groomed me for his spot." What did Affeldt do with his final season? He mentored his replacement: http://t.co/TcNR3HFQ9y

  15. Affeldt tribute video is filled with clips of his at-bats. Well done.

  16. Bryan Stow introduces @JeremyAffeldt onto the field #ThanksAffeldt #SFGiants

  17. Classy group of Colorado Rockies in dugout watch Jeremy Affeldt's retirement ceremony and applaud him #SFGiants

  18. Bochy on Affeldt's hitting: "I mean, those at-bats, they were awful."

  19. “He stepped up when we needed a leader. For 7 years he stabilized our bullpen. 3 championships does not happen without @JeremyAffeldt”

  20. Bruce Bochy getting real during emotional pregame ceremony for Jeremy Affeldt: "Those at-bats, those were awful."

  21. Larry Baer said Affeldt is "most hands on" player in community the Giants have had. Giants made donation to his charity.

  22. "There is no crying in baseball. But today, I'm gonna cry." --Jeremy Affeldt #ThanksAffeldt #SFGiants http://t.co/CezHf11U2l

  23. “Every time my wife had a child, we won a World Series” - @JeremyAffeldt #ThanksAffeldt

  24. Affeldt to Bochy: "You are one of the greatest leaders of men that I've ever met."

  25. Affeldt to Bochy: "You're one of the greatest leaders of men that I have ever met."

  26. Affeldt on Bochy: "When I first signed with this team and shook his hand, his head really was that big. Wow."

  27. "They are more than friends, they are brothers. Matt Cain and Buster Posey." --Jeremy Affeldt #ThanksAffeldt #SFGiants

  28. Jeremy Affeldt talking about his Dad and his 1st MLB game. Tears of Joy “That’s my Boy!” #ThanksAffeldt

  29. Affeldt recalled fanning Mike Cameron with bases full in Seattle, prompting Affeldt's dad to bellow throughout stadium, "That's my son"

  30. Just a tremendous, emotional, funny speech by Jeremy Affeldt. One of the best you'll hear.

  31. “You in this City have truly changed me. I’m going to return to Spokane, but I promise you, I am never going to leave this City” - Affeldt

  32. Affeldt calls Matt Cain and Buster Posey "closer than brothers ... I will not retire from our friendship because I truly need you" #SFGiants

  33. We will have this entire ceremony online very soon. For those who missed it, you must hear @JeremyAffeldt’s speech. #ThanksAffeldt

  34. Jeremy Affeldt warming up.

  35. Peavy after giving speech for Hudson: 5 IP, 1 run. Cain after giving speech for Affeldt: 5 IP, 0 runs. Guess we're getting more ceremonies.

  36. Standing ovation for Jeremy Affeldt, who gets the sixth inning.

  37. Affeldt takes the mound in the top of the 6th. 4 pitches. 2 outs. Lots of  and ❤️ #ThanksAffeldt #SFGiants

  38. Affeldt gets a standing ovation, tips cap to Rockies and fans. That worked out well.

  39. Two quick outs, and Bochy comes out to remove Affeldt, who gives hugs all around and waves cap to fans. Everyone cheers including Rockies.

  40. If you missed it earlier, one of Affeldt's final acts was mentoring his replacement, Josh Osich: http://t.co/TcNR3HFQ9y

  41. Just another standing ovation for @JeremyAffeldt #ThanksAffeldt #SFGiants http://t.co/SRtcNRjvvI

  42. One last time, @JeremyAffeldt #ThanksAffeldt #SFGiants http://t.co/8TGmKgcaZZ

  43. ICYMI, @JeremyAffeldt said goodbye to #SFGiants fans with this heartwarming & moving speech WATCH: http://t.co/nP3n2GaQwZ #SFGiants