1. Questions Head Of #RussianGP: Nico needs to walk the walk, McLaren put ball in Honda's court http://t.co/xFdPowIXcj http://t.co/jsE9ZP8YMk

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  12. Russian GP Shows F1's Support for Putin

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  15. Out on the speed machine today.. @iamspecialized #shiv #ichiban #weapon

  16. Out on the speed machine today.. iamspecialized #shiv #ichiban #weapon https://t.co/xybxbJhLRH

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  20. Button says the positives at McLaren - and there are some - should not be overlooked - http://t.co/IbBlzGWNef #F1 http://t.co/Px8J18yzdY

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  29. #OnThisDay in 1985, Alain Prost won his first World Championship in the stunning MP4/2B. Congrats, Prof. #Prost30 #F1 #McLaren #TheProf #AlainProst

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  41. Ron Dennis confident Honda understands what is needed to make rapid #f1 progress for 2016 http://t.co/IibSuy2Uty http://t.co/SoBLggrzmN

  42. Surprise, surprise, no requests from rival teams for Honda power in 2016 #F1 http://t.co/7C8WKkZSqH http://t.co/8PXVcbvRG6

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  45. Honda: No 2016 customers: Honda motorsport boss Yasuhisa Arai says they haven’t had any approaches about a... http://t.co/nTHGFD1ASa #F1

  46. Honda says it hasn't been approached to supply customer engines to other teams in 2016 http://t.co/TOxFs0YSWb http://t.co/LzyXa4etW2

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  48. McLaren '99% Sure' of Landing New Sponsorship

  49. Ron Dennis has called for more "freedom" as McLaren need to "develop" their way out of their current troubles http://t.co/TIg1jpelZt #F1

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