1. Loeffler was informed of his release yesterday. #Vikings will move on with Kevin McDermott, a teammate of punter Jeff Locke's at UCLA.

  2. Where has this Jeff Locke been the past two years? #Vikings

  3. Jeff Locke is down holding his right leg after kicking it away. #Vikings

  4. Jeff Locke holding his non-kicking leg after that play.

  5. Jeff Locke walking gingerly off the field under his own power. #Vikings

  6. Now Blair Walsh is punting after Jeff Locke hurt.

  7. The Cowboys knocked out Vikings punter Jeff Locke, took the penalty and have forced the Vikings to kick the ball away with Blair Walsh.

  8. Jeff Locke got his right ankle rolled up on by a charging Cowboy. #Vikings called for holding and Blair Walsh has to punt it away.

  9. Blair Walsh punts after Jeff Locke goes down. Locke walks off the field. #VikingsGameday

  10. Jeff Locke Injury: Punter Suffers Leg Injury Against #Cowboys #NFL #Vikings http://t.co/PstLuNmTYb http://t.co/yL7gByu2dD

  11. Jeff Locke has an ankle injury. Return questionable.

  12. #Vikings punter Jeff Locke questionable to return with an injured ankle. See story at http://t.co/hZgFTmZiG1

  13. Jeff Locke held on that field goal. Will be interesting to see if he still punts. Guessing yes. #Vikings

  14. Jeff Locke is back punting, so many, many more can relax.

  15. Jeff Locke punting after the #Vikings' first series of the second half. He's fine.

  16. Jeff Locke gets off a good punt, despite being run into. Not sure why the #Vikings are taking the penalty and rekicking.

  17. Blair Walsh, Jeff Locke playing in charity footgolf tourney next Monday to promote healthy living in underserved Spanish-speaking families.

  18. Justin Trattou down after that play. 30-yard punt for Jeff Locke.

  19. Through 2+ games, Jeff Locke has 7 punts inside the 20 with no touchbacks. Great start. #Vikings #skol

  20. #Vikings video: Mike Priefer discusses Jeff Locke and the battle for field position: https://t.co/dAtgV50kI0

  21. Did Jeff Locke and Blair Walsh do some sort of Freaky Friday-esque swap during the off-season that nobody's aware of?

  22. #Vikings video: Mike Priefer discusses Jeff Locke and the battle for field position: https://t.co/8gwAWhd7Z6

  23. Even Chris Kluwe, fired as #Vikings punter two years ago, thinks Jeff Locke is now doing a good job. See story at: http://t.co/u4yHcUwxxt

  24. Not a good time for Jeff Locke first touchback of year

  25. Not a good time for just Jeff Locke's second touchback of the season

  26. Third touchback of season for Jeff Locke. Meager net of 20.

  27. Jeff Locke needs a good punt for the #Vikings

  28. Jeff Locke 27 yards and 29 yards on his last two punts going into the wind. #Vikings

  29. Jeff Locke 27 yards and 29 yards on his last two punts going into the wind. #Vikings

  30. With #Bears facing left-footed #Vikings P Jeff Locke Sunday, they had lefty Zoltan Mesko in for a tryout on Friday.

  31. Bears bring in former Patriots punter to help prepare for Vikings left-footer Jeff Locke https://t.co/WjqfirtP73

  32. The "Jeff Locke" of the Sea World? Wow... https://t.co/sAcXauwP7l

  33. Jeff Locke runs out of the end zone for a safety. Michigan fans at Ford Field begrudgingly applaud his good sense.

  34. First punt of the day for Jeff Locke, with 8:52 left.

  35. Jeff Locke is actually punting.

  36. Easiest paycheck for Jeff Locke, hasn't punted all day. #Vikings have 28-17 lead with five FGs, two TDs. Puts pressure on defense.

  37. Jeff Locke has played as much today as Shaun Hill. At this rate, Hill might have a better chance of getting in.

  38. Jeff Locke still hasn't punted today for #Vikings.