1. Head coach Jeff Fisher gives an update on Stedman Bailey's condition. Press Conference: https://t.co/eQKdEP2PFc https://t.co/oJXAXoTtSH

  2. Jeff Fisher announced Stedman Bailey underwent surgery for between 4 and 6 hours. Now in stable condition, will remain in ICU several days.

  3. Rams WR Stedman Bailey is out of surgery according to Jeff Fisher. Bailey is resting in ICU after what Fisher said was a 4-6 hour procedure.

  4. Rams coach Jeff Fisher to Bengals media: Understands Stedman Bailey is in surgery right now. Says he's no doc... https://t.co/TwJrntQogq

  5. #Rams coach Jeff Fisher says Stedman Bailey is currently is surgery - "I think he's going to pull through."

  6. Rams coach Jeff Fisher didn't know Keenum had concussion until after post-game news conference https://t.co/DWE0axWYGe

  7. Rams' Jeff Fisher said QB Case Keenum did not participate in today's light practice but it's possible Keenum will do some things Wednesday.

  8. Jeff Fisher announces @casekeenum7 as starting QB. Watch Full Press Conference: https://t.co/17gHO68ikv https://t.co/WvxNeZRs8u

  9. Jeff Fisher Approval Poll: Two Game Skid Drops Rams Below 0.500. Vote NOW! https://t.co/FNyy4cOPKL https://t.co/J6T8PN7NRS

  10. Head coach Jeff Fisher talks about all the #Rams recent roster moves. Press Conference: https://t.co/eMSqdtt1o3 https://t.co/FVPnLNW7Jf

  11. Watch head coach Jeff Fisher talk after Wednesday's Week 11 practice. Press Conference: https://t.co/fMMeQUoi1I https://t.co/3BA9BNDwie

  12. The Bills are 5-4 and it's Rex Ryan's first year and Jeff Fisher STILL get an easier pass from Rams media. That's cool.

  13. Remember, this was Jeff Fisher explaining away his offensive ineptitude. Nobody challenged him on it. https://t.co/RQGjbYb0qY

  14. Watch head coach Jeff Fisher's postgame press conference from Baltimore #STLvsBAL  | https://t.co/8qKWbDmCl2 https://t.co/3TFrSnrO1a

  15. Blame for Rams' abysmal offense starts with coach Jeff Fisher... https://t.co/FHHF9PPXkv

  16. #Rams' record after 10 games through Jeff Fisher's tenure as HC 2012: 3-6-1 2013: 4-6 2014: 4-6 2015: 4-6 https://t.co/NfAnnqHZhI

  17. From this morning: Blame for Rams' abysmal offense starts with coach Jeff Fisher... https://t.co/FHHF9Q7yc3

  18. Welp, here we go.......... Jeff Fisher Approval Poll, Week 11 https://t.co/Af3lSMsyhe https://t.co/siqXtYXEXn

  19. If you missed anything from today’s presser with Jeff Fisher, here’s the full transcript https://t.co/YsrgzF8uli https://t.co/h8Blwku5QM

  20. ICYMI: Jeff Fisher's Monday Press Conference from #Rams Park WATCH: https://t.co/szwnRRXARW https://t.co/zevi2MIgnC

  21. Under Jeff Fisher, the Rams have never dropped 4 straight games.

  22. Jeff Fisher saying he was unaware of Case Keenum stumbling around after that hit isn't believable. In any way. Not even a little.

  23. Jeff Fisher simply did not do enough after QB Case Keenum's concussion, by @ChrisBurke_SI https://t.co/hZ0qrgFLrS https://t.co/B0x32Yrbtc

  24. Updated from earlier: Jeff Fisher: I didn't see Case Keenum 'struggle to get up' after helmet hit... https://t.co/bStNQIMAhb

  25. Rams coach Jeff Fisher says referees waved trainer off field after Case Keenum concussion. https://t.co/Yfr6Wro7kD https://t.co/IJ4Nq2PNtI

  26. Rams coach Jeff Fisher says he didn't realize Case Keenum had a concussion https://t.co/HqCTx3BFQ0 https://t.co/kyAFDZrQsP

  27. Jeff Fisher says he didn't know Case Keenum was struggling with potential concussion during game https://t.co/B2bx9APAtp

  28. Updated column on Case Keenum, with Jeff Fisher's explanation of how the system broke down. https://t.co/25Th4g8vYL

  29. Rams coach Jeff Fisher said he didn't see Case Keenum struggle to get up. Said trainer Reggie Scott spoke to Keenum, who said he was OK.

  30. Rams coach Jeff Fisher said he was unaware of Case Keenum concussion. Said he was in "game management" mode.

  31. Jeff Fisher's explanation: Never saw Keenum stumble. Trainer ran on field, so ACT spotter didn't call. Ref shooed trainer off. Game restart.

  32. Jeff Fisher: Spotter in press box saw Rams trainer on field and didn’t think he needed to remove Case Keenum as a result. #Rams

  33. Jeff Fisher telling St. Louis media that he didn’t see Case Keenum get up slowly after big hit Sunday. “In game management mode."

  34. Real talk. What's more pathetic: Jeff Fisher keeping Case Keenum in the game after a concussion or media for not even asking him about it?