1. Fans in the second deck get their shot at souvenirs when Jay Bruce is at bat: http://t.co/B5N7gLpHnY

  2. Trade Target Jay Bruce Has Limited No-Trade Clause

  3. Offseason Trade Rentals Who Could Make Big Impact

  4. Bruce 'Embarrassed' by His Season

  5. Jay Bruce makes it 1-0 #Reds pretty quickly. No. 25 on the season

  6. Jay Bruce hits a solo home run (#25) to right field. #Reds take a 1-0 lead.

  7. Jay Bruce’s first-inning home run was calculated at 447 feet, longest by a Reds player this season. http://t.co/YUWRxvZAFL

  8. Steven Matz strikes out Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce to strand two baserunners. #Reds 1, #Mets 0, end 1

  9. Jay Bruce with a solo homer vs. Hansel Robles. #Mets 6, #Reds 4, bot 8

  10. That was Jay Bruce's 208th career HR, eighth on the Reds' all-time list. Ken Griffey Jr. is seventh with 210.

  11. And thanks to that HR from Jay Bruce, Rafael Gonzalez of Florence, KY wins a brand new Tundra! http://t.co/JphmndeaAQ

  12. From the #Reds: With that Jay Bruce home run Rafael Gonzalez of Florence, KY, has won a brand new Toyota Tundra.

  13. #Nats' starter Max Scherzer works around a two-out walk to Jay Bruce for a scoreless, 19-pitch 7th vs the #Reds. 98P, 3 BB, 0 R, 0 h _ _ _.

  14. Red Reposter - Homer Bailey's healing, & Jay Bruce is hitting .199 in the 2nd half #Reds http://t.co/RJzoQV3PFF http://t.co/Ctmn2eHMyC

  15. Jay Bruce with a sac fly scores Holt. #Reds lead 1-0 after the first.

  16. Jay Allen Bruce, Todd Brian Frazier and Eugenio Alejandro Suarez up in the bottom of the fourth at GABP. #Reds

  17. Paul Lessard out to check on Jay Bruce. Tried to bunt for a base hit, got hit on his left hand #Reds

  18. Jay Bruce, who took ball off hand while trying to bunt, was last guy back onto field, but remains in game for #Reds.

  19. Jay Bruce has left the game for the #Reds. Bourgeois to right, Holt to CF, Contreras to pitch

  20. No fracture for Jay Bruce, but he wasn’t able to throw, he said. So he came out after getting hit in hand on bunt attempt. #Reds

  21. #Reds in Review: Jay Bruce, who paired great with gross because that's what Jay Bruce does https://t.co/NlaFxsIh7B https://t.co/ioCHLO4C7r

  22. The Reds are reportedly willing to trade Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce. https://t.co/Az0LaBozmi https://t.co/E8gYRsQzHS

  23. The Reds are open for business, and will listen on Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce: https://t.co/jCkjRiDzSP https://t.co/EZdFu7pHEy

  24. The Reds are willing to move Aroldis Chapman and Jay Bruce: https://t.co/u3jUCDTBEz https://t.co/uOImLZz4s8

  25. #Orioles have had trade talks with #Reds on Jay Bruce, but there was no momentum toward a deal as of this evening, sources say. @FOXSports

  26. #Orioles & #Reds have discussed Jay Bruce, says @jonmorosi, though he cautions there's no momentum towards a deal. https://t.co/k1bS7EfSMu

  27. Report: Orioles, Reds had trade talks about Jay Bruce https://t.co/XJwvxqVgBJ https://t.co/zzVnOhpSG8

  28. Report: Orioles, Reds had trade talks about Jay Bruce. https://t.co/AOm50SKWWF https://t.co/7AS41cwiKO

  29. Report: Orioles and Reds have talked Jay Bruce trade https://t.co/SJp8Mmk5Cv

  30. Orioles have talked to Reds about Jay Bruce https://t.co/9uZw04arZe

  31. Reds OF Jay Bruce has a limited no-trade clause that allows him to block deals to 8 clubs. The 8 teams are: Red... https://t.co/lJRtYOyrok